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The necessary transition to a new economy

Even Forbes is jumping on the bandwagon of the “sharing economy” with a recent article on AirBnB. This closely follows Van Jones’s CNN article about the “sharing economy,” but the push to transform our broken economy isn’t just about sharing, though; it …

Kenya: what next?

A few weeks before I left, John Michael Greer published a fictional story about America losing its hegemonic grip entitled How it could Happen. The opening...focused on a proxy war between China and the US in east Africa over oil rights following a discovery in Tanzania...I was on the lookout …

From Green New Deal to New Economy Coalition (Part I)

Here is a short overview and strategic assessment of the green economy movement, including its organizational makeup.  It concludes with recommendations for transitioning from a double bottom line movement to a triple bottom line one: being more inclusive of historically marginalized …

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