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IYFF:Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Initiative promotes community-based tribal food system development

The Muckleshoot Tribe, along with a number of other Puget Sound tribes in Washington, have established a Food Sovereignty Project that has launched about 50 local tribal food system projects within its two year premier.

Energy Investing: The Indigenous Rights Bubble

In case you haven’t been able to keep up with all the details and implications of ever-spiralling global energy use, the financial risks are increasingly varied.

Now you see me: A glimpse into the Zapatista movement, two decades later

...the Zapatistas aren’t focused on accumulating wealth, but on living with dignity.

Progress with roots

Despite extremely negative circumstances, the Basque People have been able to implement a significant process of positive socio-economic transformation. How was this achieved?

Can Fracking Showdown on Native Land Help Break Canada's Cycle of Colonialism?

Over the past several centuries we have been violently dispossessed of most of our land to make room for settlement and resource development.

A struggle for sacred land: the case of Wirikuta

For the moment, the Wixáritari believe that they are winning the fight for the hearts and minds of Mexicans and that public opinion is turning against international mining companies.

Resisting the city

In the face of rapid urban expansion and environmental degradation, the people of Usme, a periurban town of Bogotá, have mobilised to protect the local environment and strengthen community autonomy over the neighbourhood.

How do you instruct seven billion people how to relate to the Earth?

"We’re concerned about the future, we’re concerned about the Earth — seven generations hence — and the conduct of people," Oren says. 

For a Future that Won’t Destroy Life on Earth, Look to the Global Indigenous Uprising

There’s a remote part of northern Alberta where the Lubicon Cree have lived, it is said, since time immemorial. The Cree called the vast, pine-covered region niyanan askiy, “our land.” When white settlers first carved up this country, they made treaties with most of its …

A movement to protect the earth rises in Canada

Since last November, a grassroots, indigenous-led movement has swept Canada and drew the world’s attention to new initiatives from the Canadian government that threaten the environment and indigenous communities. Of particular concern is Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s …

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