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Court Rejects Dakota Access Injunction, But Standing Rock Sioux Vow 'This is Not The End'

A U.S. federal court of appeals ruled against the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe late Sunday evening and denied its request for an emergency injunction against the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

Finding Our Frontlines in Indigenous North Dakota: The Climate Justice Movement is Standing Up - A Special Issue of Earth News: More than News of the World

There is no doubt in my mind that this front in the epic struggle for global climate justice – and so much more – will be recognized in the future as a crucial epicenter, a ground zero, of our movement...

Beyond Rhetoric – What Does the “Just Transition” Mean for DAPL?

Rather than plummeting these economies into a permanent bust...we need to think about how to plan a transition with these workers at the decision-making table...

Standing Like a Sioux

On April 1, in the last phase of istawicayazan wi, the moon of sore eyes, acting with love and fierce determination, the youth of the Standing Rock reservation stood together in prayer at the place called Sacred Stone.

The Big Difference at Standing Rock Is Native Leadership All Around

This year’s massive buildup of resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline follows closely on the heels of the victory over Keystone XL pipeline, something often credited to feverish organizing by

Tribes Secure Limited Victory with Partial Halt on Dakota Pipeline

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg on Tuesday reportedly denied an emergency request for a restraining order filed by the Standing Rock Sioux, however, the hearing is being seen as a partial victory for the tribe.

Standing Rock Sioux Chairman: Dakota Access Pipeline "Is Threatening the Lives of My Tribe"

In North Dakota, indigenous activists are continuing to protest the proposed $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline, which they say would threaten to contaminate the Missouri River.

The Power of Indigenous Activists at the Summit of the Climate Justice Movement

It was as if people recognized that this was the high point of the Clean Energy Summit.

Thousands Reject the Extractivist Logic at the World Bank-IMF meeting in Peru

The annual governors’ meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank opened on October 5 in Peru’s capital city.

How Brazil Has Dramatically Reduced Tropical Deforestation

Over the past nine years, the rate of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon has dropped by 70 percent.

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