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The Oil Production Story: Pre- and Post-Peak Nations

Peak oil appears close but is not yet here, delayed rather than dead (as widely written in the media since 2012), and disguised by the inclusion of natural gas liquids in BP's accounting. Put this writer down for a likely (80% odds) peak in oil production between now and 2020.

What The Oil Drum meant

Over the last eight years, the predictions of the "moderates" in the peak oil debate came closest. We certainly don't live in the pre-2004 world any more. Oil prices are high, and there seems little prospect that they will ever fall below $100/barrel for any sustained period. …

What future for petroleum?

The IEA forecast for the future of petroleum is not only too optimistic, but also wrong because they are based on summing volumes of fuels which have different output and energy costs of extraction. Here you find the correct analysis, much less reassuring

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