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From the Arctic to Deepwater Horizon, our Politicians are Failing us

You try to raise a voice because you have nothing but your voice. A voice to speak up for something which cannot speak up for itself.

A Legal Call to Arms for the Planet

Mary Christina Wood has an unsparing view of the state of environmental protection in the United States today...

Duck Dynasty, the Green Party, and Steady Statesmanship

First things first — protect the environment and all the awesome potential of the United States can be achieved. Lose focus on the environment and the rug will be pulled from posterity’s future.

The River and the Road

Float down the remote Kobuk River and you might encounter grizzlies, salmon, bald eagles, and caribou. Oh—and open-pit mines, if Alaska's governor gets his way.

Protected Areas: Foundation of a Better Future Relationship with Energy

Protecting areas from resource extraction is the one sure way to address the paradox that energy production and consumption are both powering and destroying our civilization.

Supply Shock: The Journey

Writing a book is like going on a journey. You explore the terrain, make discoveries, meet interesting people, and maybe learn new languages. The longer the book-writing, the longer the journey.

Sliding down the slippery slope: A truth too big for Obama

Now, the good news is, we can make meaningful progress on this issue [climate change] while driving strong economic growth.” With that sentence from his State of the Union address, President Obama capitulated to paltry cynicism. Alas, he will not be the president who finally comes clean on …

The Outlook for Steady State Economics in 2013

The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) has been the leading organization in advancing the steady state economy as a policy goal for nearly ten years. Maybe that’s not saying much, because CASSE has been the only organization focused on advancing the steady state …

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