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Promethean Porn and Malthusian Mistakes: a letter to Leigh Phillips

My own Promethean ambition is for us to embrace our techne, our human skills, and use them to live with humility and wisdom alongside others on our planet.

The Left should Embrace Degrowth

Degrowth is a frontal attack on the ideology of economic growth.

What is Degrowth? Envisioning a Prosperous Descent

Our high priests now take the peculiar form of neoclassical economists, bankers, and national treasurers.

Cooperide – the Privilege of Time or the Performance of Change

Powered by hardcore conviction, Cooperide is a bloc that will travel from Copenhagen to Paris for COP21, starting November 14.

Only Degrowth can be a Credible Answer to Europe’s Current Refugee Situation

Tens of thousands are currently coming to Europe, hoping for a better future.

Rethinking Degrowth: Islamic Perspectives

With the “Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change” published by the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium earlier this month, another world religion has expressed heavy concerns about the pursuit of relentless economic growth.

Austerity and Degrowth – Dealing with the Economic Crisis and the Ecological Crisis Together

It seems like a tough one to argue for degrowth in the context of the Greek crisis and as an alternative to austerity – but then all the more reason to try.

Degrowth & the Climate Crisis – from a Climate Justice Perspective

There is an increasing consensus on the need and urgency to tackle climate change and its consequences.

Post-Development Discourse: Lessons for the Degrowth Movement

Is degrowth only conceivable in the context of “oversaturated” industrial societies while the global “South” remains dependent on growth?

Greece and the Limits to Growth

Certainly there is reason to pause and to question the idea of infinite economic growth on a finite planet.

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