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Why Degrowth?   

Bill Rees recorded in April at the Vancouver Degrowth Event on why degrowth is the only realistic path to sustainability.

Exploring the "why" behind extreme energy

Thus far the debate around unconventional gas/fracking has focussed on pollution, flammable water, earthquakes, noise, toxic fumes, climate change, etc. As a result people mainly focus on the "what?", or at a local level the "where?", of the issue. My research leads me toward …

Avoiding the Carbon Crash: reform the financial system now

The scale of emission reductions required to meaningfully impact Climate Change will result in economic stagnation or contraction. This will render much of the financial system non-viable, greatly exacerbating the economic problems.

"We Have to Consume Less": Scientists Call For Radical Economic Overhaul to Avert Climate Crisis

We turn now to a pair of climate scientists who are calling for what some may view as a shocking solution to the climate crisis: a rethinking of the economic order in the United States and other industrialized nations.

Deciphering Detropia: The Power of Degrowth, the Destructiveness of Neoliberalism

Detropia stirs anxiety and disorientation among its viewers through poignant visuals of the desolate and denuded cityscape blended with the accounts of Detroiters. But what are we to learn from this surfacing of collective dread?

Degrowth in Slovenia

The difficulty for any person who goes to another country to talk about economic and political policy is that they are almost inevitably going to be, to some degree, out of touch and out of tune with on the spot realities.

Degrowth in a small peripheral European state

The fact is though that Croatia is a wealthy country by global standards, partly at the expense of its environment. Research by Group 22 members shows that Croatia’s ecological footprint exceeded its bio-capacity in 2007 – the amount involved means effectively that Croatia’s …


In this epic length episode #55 of The Extraenvironmentalist we cover the Montreal Degrowth Conference from May 2013. We hear from a number of degrowth academics and activists about the ideas in the movement.

System Innovation and a New ‘Great Transformation’: Re-embedding Economic Life in the Context of ‘De-Growth’

Abstract: The political-economic limits to system innovation are explored through the Polanyian concepts of disembedding and the ‘double movement’. The Keynesian Welfare State is examined as the final outcome of a much broader ‘counter movement for societal protection.’ …

Conflict and change in the era of economic decline: Part 5 - A theory of change for a century of crisis

If groups seeking to make the post-carbon transition go more smoothly and equitably are to have much hope of success, they need a sound strategy grounded in a realistic theory of change. Here, briefly, is a theory of change that makes sense to me.

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