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Universal Basic Income in India – a Promising Experience

From a degrowth perspective, a universal basic income makes perfect sense.

Exit from the Megamachine

Opening a newspaper or listening to the radio news exposes us to a flood of catastrophic messages: devastating droughts, failing states, terrorist attacks, and financial crashes.

Building Walls Cannot be the Answer

As much as building walls cannot be the answer to the horrible situation of refugees seeking asylum in Europe, it cannot be the means of choice for protecting national economies either.

The Growthocene

These reservations about degrowth point to the need to clarify what growth traps to avoid when making a transition to sustainable degrowth.

Has Degrowth Outgrown its own Name?

 How useful is the term "degrowth"?

Critical Self-Reflection as a Path to Anti-Capitalism: The Degrowth-Movement

Although growth-critique is currently in vogue and degrowth is mentioned favorably even by the pope in his most recent encyclical, there is as yet almost no scientific research on degrowth as a social movement.

My Journey Towards Degrowth

Setting aside some of my big ambitions — studying, writing, trying to amass twitter followers — to simply move slowly evolved my understanding of how to degrow.

Let's Define Degrowth before we Dismiss it

The reluctance of degrowth-critics to define growth makes for poor debate.  

Can We Have Our Climate and Eat It Too?

As much as world leaders would like to focus attention on their economies, terrorism, or winning the next election, the heat is rising.

Promethean Porn and Malthusian Mistakes: a letter to Leigh Phillips

My own Promethean ambition is for us to embrace our techne, our human skills, and use them to live with humility and wisdom alongside others on our planet.

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