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Waiting for the Climacteric: or, the Return of the Greentard

...I want to broach some wider energy-related issues with the help of two acquaintances of this site, before narrowing the scope to agricultural energy in a future post.

The Great Deceleration

The 'Great Acceleration' of economic activity in the past 60 years has led to a series of interlocking crises. Here's why a Great Deceleration is necessary for us "to live again with affection and beauty on this earth."

D.E.growth: A Small Change in the Slogan with Large Benefits

Here I propose a new term that might combine the advantages of the word degrowth with those of its more positive alternatives.

Commons: A Frame for Thinking Beyond Growth

You cannot think about the commons if you don’t ask yourself at the same time who creates them, who cares for them, who protects them and who reproduces them.

Adultum – A Critical Narrative at the End of Growth and a Name for the Coming Age

Degrowth is usually translated into German as “Postwachstum” (post growth) or “Wachstumsrücknahme” (reversing growth), but it can also be translated as “ausgewachsen” (grown up).

Accelerationism… and Degrowth? The Left’s Strange Bedfellows

The accelerationists begrudged the enviros their grub-eating utopia while they ruminated on their own techno-fetishes. Was it just an armistice to prepare for a bigger battle down the road, or was there really less animosity than I imagined? 

Capitalism and (De)Growth

I think about capitalism as a moment. A blink in time.

Degrowth and the Global Ecovillage Network

Can degrowth be considered a movement? Does degrowth embrace all kinds of movements struggling for a sustainable future?

From Post-Growth Society to Sufficiency Politics

When our book Post-Growth Society was published in 2010 in German, the term was entirely unheard of.

Grassroots Movements, Degrowth and ‘New Economies’

There are numerous grassroots movements and initiatives worldwide with the ambition to contribute to transformative change towards more sustainable, resilient and just societies.

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