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Climate Change and Colonial History Make a Toxic Combination

New research points to a powerful link between climate change and armed conflict.

Iraq needs 1.3 mb/d additional oil exports and $US 70 oil to balance budget

If oil prices remain low Iraq will not get out of its current budget deficit. That will worsen all other problems this country is already suffering from.

Ukraine crisis shows urgency of green energy: Russian nat’l gas blackmail

The threat of economic sanctions would be more realistic if Europe did not depend so heavily on Russia for its natural gas. 40% of Germany’s natural gas and one third of Europe’s natural gas in general is imported from that country.

Drought Fuels Water War Between Texas and New Mexico

As climate change alters rainfall patterns and river flows, tensions are bound to rise between states and countries that share rivers that cross their borders. In the Rio Grande Basin of the American Southwest, that future inevitability has arrived.

Conflict and Change in the Era of Economic Decline: Part 4 - Post-carbon governance

Are we headed toward a more autocratic or democratic future? There’s no hard and fast answer; the outcome may vary by region. However, recent history does offer some useful clues.

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