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Coal gasification, fracking, and natural gas headlines

•Fire in the hole: After fracking comes coal •Triple Divide Interview: Mark Ruffalo Fracking Documentary •Colorado First State to Clamp Down on Fracking Methane Pollution •Are we underestimating natural gas emissions? •China's Plan to Clean Up Air in Cities Will Doom the …

Here’s Why Suburban Sprawl Cancels Out The Climate Benefits Of City Living

The average [household carbon footprint] in an urban core in the country is about 50 percent less than the average in the commuting suburbs around it

Radical Emissions Planning: Kevin Anderson interview   

Professor Kevin Anderson on science and politics; shale gas and climate; and climate, economics and finance.

Fracking headlines

•The Shale Oil Party Is Ending, Phibro's Andy Hall Warns •Wyoming May Act to Plug Abandoned Wells as Natural Gas Boom Ends •Whither the world of energy prices during the next 12 months? •How long will the fracking boom last? •Colorado Communities Could Ban Fracking Under …

Blessed are the PVC makers

Any sense of "we're all in this together" appears to evaporate when it comes to those industries that use the most amount of energy. If a recent lead editorial in The Times is anything to go by, there's a sense that they are somehow above all that.

Our Fast-Paced Modern Climate

This (very) lengthy and detailed paper runs us all through exactly what’s happening with the planet’s climate, what’s making it change so rapidly (spoiler: it’s us)

Energy Crunch: the global picture

Everything is changing on energy, and yet everything remains the same. This is the message from the latest World Energy Outlook by the International Energy Agency.

Shale gas, tight oil, and fracking - headlines

•Trouble in fracking paradise •Censored EPA PA Fracking Water Contamination Presentation Published for First Time •Wood Mackenzie Says Bakken & Eagle Ford Will Produce More than the Two Largest Fields in North America Combined •Bridge Or Gangplank? Study Finds Methane …

Oil - Jan 30

•HSBC: Oil majors at risk from 'unburnable' reserves •When will we stop wasting fossil fuels by burning them? •Algeria terrorist attack puts BP's Libya drilling on hold

Recognising Reality

It is now all but impossible to limit global warming to less than +2°C from pre-industrial temperatures. The hope offered by fossil fuel limitations and ecnomic slowdown is fading. We now have to consider life in a 4 °C warmer world.

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