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How Can Open Cooperatives Grow and Thrive: A Proposal

Unlike their traditional for-profit counterparts, Open Cooperatives are oriented towards the common good in their statutes.

The Store(e)-Keeper

Teacher Heinz Frey halted the demise of “mom-and-pop stores” by creating new village centres – first in his home village, then in other communities and urban districts.

Hope For Imagining a World Beyond Corporate Control

The commons is not just a battlefield between corporate predators and those who resist them – it is also a source of hope for those willing to imagine a world beyond capitalism.

BikeSurf: Open Source Bikesharing Powered by Community

BikeSurf, a donation-based bikesharing program built on “karma, trust, and community,” fosters communication, encourages shared resources, and builds community.

How To Convert a Business into a Worker-owned Cooperative

Coops can be built from scratch, but they can also be created by converting existing businesses into worker-owned cooperatives.

A Call to Develop a Worker Cooperative Sector in New York City

Worker co-ops have the potential to address many of the immoral and inefficient shortcomings of capitalist workplaces.

Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues

Andrew McLeod recently wrote an excellent and thoughtful response to my article (with Gar Alperovitz) on Mondragón and issues of systemic design. In an effort to continue the constructive dialogue around this important topic, I offer this rejoinder.

Collapse? Maybe not.

In a previous post I argued that economic contraction is necessary and in fact underway. Is this "Collapse" -- that scary term that so many authors love to throw around?

New Tech as a Force Multiplier and Equalizer: Bootstrapping the Alternative Economy

New Tech… explores the untapped potential of an alternative economy to dismantle and supplant the Moloch Capitalism of our current economic arrangement with a federation of cooperatives and networked open-source micro-manufacturing.

Enough to Go Around: The Case for Community Currency

Today, with the global economy massively overextended and teetering on the edge of collapse, many are starting to look again at community-based currencies...

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