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Earth is not a global village: Start living more locally before it’s too late

The scary truth is that the economic, environmental, social, and political crises we’re facing are red flags warning us that the system we’re all counting on is headed for collapse, says LaConte. Global leaders are approaching these crises as though they were distinct and unrelated, …

Global Warning

In Life Rules, I compare the world’s presently converging and mutually reinforcing environmental, economic, social and political crises to the syndrome of illnesses an HIV patient experiences when her disease shifts into full-blown AIDS. Among the symptoms of AIDS is rampant high fever. …

End of the World? Nah. End of the World as We Know It. Yah.

So the actual end of the world probably shouldn’t worry us overmuch just yet. But the end of the world as we know it probably should.

It’ll all turn out in the end. Or will it?

The obvious and important difference between this potential Sixth Great Extinction and all the others is that they had natural, unavoidable causes. There are fewer and fewer deniers now that our fossil-fueled grow-consume-lay waste-deplete global economy is the cause of this one.