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Energy Crunch: changing the business model

Reports this week provided yet more evidence of vitality in green energy.Investment in renewables surged 17% last year.

The Year the Dam of Denial Breaks on Climate Change

It will be messy, confusing and endlessly debated but with historical hindsight, 2015 will be the year the world turned.

The Global Energy Market’s Moment of Truth

Sustainability is not good for many businesses – in fact it means they’ll have to go out of business. This is what sustainability at its core is all about – things that are unsustainable will stop.

Climate, politics & money - Feb 15

•Sanders, Boxer Outline 'Gold Standard' Climate Bill •Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks •HSBC and Aviva back project to identify 'stranded' high-carbon assets •The transformational challenges of climate change: An interview with Professor …

Through the Doha Gateway

There were some winners here — the coal industry won here, the oil industry won here, the fossil fuel industry won here. This wasn’t an environmental or science-driven discussion, this was a trade fair.

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