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Lessons from a California Drought

It has been much debated whether climate change has been at work across California – and the western United States more generally.

Dust Storms Again in the High Plains

A cold Arctic air mass swept southward across the high plains last Tuesday, its 50 mph winds dropping temperatures by 50 degrees overnight. Blowing over drought-parched farm soil, the wind created a huge dust storm in eastern Colorado, visible in striking photographs from space.

During extreme drought, farmers try for resiliency

For those who take the long view, there are bigger ideas to achieve resilience in the face of extreme weather.

A Dry Year for Honey

When you think about the necessity of water in agriculture, fruit trees, row crops, and cattle probably come to mind, but you might not think about bees.

Is adaptation to climate change really feasible?

The climate change denialists have pretty much given up on the idea that there is no climate change or that it is good for us. So, they're down to arguing that it won't be that bad and we should just adapt.

The Flowers of August

It’s called “whiplash weather” and that is certainly what’s happened where I live...the rains have largely stopped. August has been dry...So, should I cheer or jeer the wildflowers?

Your odds just shortened – Aussie Heatwaves

I’m sure you all remember the new colour that had to be created by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology for the weather maps when they maxed out above 50oC

Phoenix in the Climate Crosshairs

We're not the first people on the planet ever to experience climate stress.  In the overheating, increasingly parched American Southwest, which has been experiencing rising temperatures, spreading drought conditions, and record wildfires, there is an ancient history of staggering …

Drought Fuels Water War Between Texas and New Mexico

As climate change alters rainfall patterns and river flows, tensions are bound to rise between states and countries that share rivers that cross their borders. In the Rio Grande Basin of the American Southwest, that future inevitability has arrived.

Extirpation Nation: How much of the US will be habitable in 50 years?

If the end is indeed near – say, within the next 50 years -- it will quite likely come in the form of extreme drought and/or nuclear contamination.  A couple key maps help us flesh out these possibilities.  …So is there something we can do about this?

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