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Greenhorns report on the national FFA convention

The FFA is turning these next-in-line farmers, agriscientists, ag teachers and farm sympathizers into successful leaders, fierce entrepreneurs, and good Samaritans…for Big Ag.

Regenerative Agriculture: The Transition

In the face of peak oil and in order to curb carbon emissions, methods of farming that depend less on oil and natural gas, respectively to run machinery and to make synthetic fertilizers, must be sought.

UN-masking Climate Smart Agriculture

As women, men, peasants, smallholder family farmers, migrant, rural workers, indigenous, and youth of La Via Campesina, we denounce climate smart agriculture which is presented to us as a solution to climate change and as a mechanism for sustainable development.

'Fracking' our food and farming system: "Extreme agriculture" and the politics of denial

It might seem a bit of a jump – talking about "fracking" and food production in the same article. However, when we look at what's planned for the next phase of intensive agricultural development, what we find is the same economic and political theories at the root of the measures …

Paying for our cheap food choices

‘How can anyone say that food is too cheap when food prices are actually going up?’

Meat vs Veg: An Energy Perspective

In this essay I’ll present data on the energy intensity of animal- and plant-derived foods and hopefully contribute to a constructive dialog about what we ought to eat and how we ought to be producing it.

Many Countries Reaching Diminishing Returns in Fertilizer Use

For the world as a whole, the era of rapidly growing fertilizer use is now history.

7 billion for dinner? Here’s how to feed them

...industrial agriculture is not more efficient at producing food, it’s more efficient at eliminating farmers. If the goal isn’t to pull people off the land but to produce the most food, then small-scale, locally-adapted, diversified farms are the way to go.

Fertile Health: Parallels between Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Medicine

The future of health care...involves...returning to the commons of care.

A Cubic Mile of Oil: Facilitating the Shift to Cleaner Energy Sources

A Cubic Mile of Oil, by Hewitt Crane, Edwin Kinderman, and Ripudaman Malhotra, illuminates the history, sources, and way forward for global energy.

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