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Joel Salatin: Sacrifice and Sacredness of Food   

We caught up with Joel Salatin, PolyFace Farms, at the Mother Earth News Fair. We asked Joel to talk about our current agricultural system.

Agroecology Now

The primary obstacle to sustainable food security is an economic model and thought system, embodied in industrial agriculture, that views life in disassociated parts, obscuring the destructive impact this approach has on humans, natural resources, and the environment.

Let's Think About Water for Earth Day

This idea might seem all wet to some people, but I’d like to propose on Earth Day that we make a top priority of making water’s links to food, environment and city issues more dramatic, more front-and-centre, and more spirited and spiritual.

Shall The Meek Inherit The Earth After All?

I’m not what you’d call a Bible thumper, but I do like to quote it on occasion, inserting an appropriate passage into the conversation in a sonorous voice that makes me sound wise.

Branding Tradition: A Bittersweet Tale of Capitalism at Work

The image on a gallon of maple syrup reflects a way of life – slower and less high-tech, more localized and neighborly – that many people rightly yearn for.

The Kingdom of Corn

You can find a stunning photo of the kingdom of corn in, of all places, the Sunday New York Times travel section Jan. 7.

The Problem of Agriculture

That phrase—the problem of agriculture, instead of problems in agriculture—is taken from Wes Jackson, who points out that our species’ fundamental break with nature came roughly 10,000 years ago when we started farming.

The Incredible Industrial Egg

Eggs 101 is “Brought to you by the American Egg Board,” the people behind “The incredible edible egg.” One can almost see the PR whizzes brainstorming back in 2008...

Arguments against GMOs

Reductionist science is not the answer to the problems engendered by a finite biosphere with a human population in overshoot.

What Would Happen if We all Grew Food?

Why GMO? How many people could all the empty yards in a suburban block feed if they were put to use growing food?

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