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India’s Food Security Threatened by Groundwater Depletion

Without serious efforts to stem the mining of groundwater, food production will decline.

UN-masking Climate Smart Agriculture

As women, men, peasants, smallholder family farmers, migrant, rural workers, indigenous, and youth of La Via Campesina, we denounce climate smart agriculture which is presented to us as a solution to climate change and as a mechanism for sustainable development.

How to Be Curious About the Green Revolution

In order to be able to think that the Green Revolution worked, much has been forgotten.

'Fracking' our food and farming system: "Extreme agriculture" and the politics of denial

It might seem a bit of a jump – talking about "fracking" and food production in the same article. However, when we look at what's planned for the next phase of intensive agricultural development, what we find is the same economic and political theories at the root of the measures …

The single most important principle for sustainability

The non-natural needs to prove its benefits, not the natural. This principle is the clearest expression of the precautionary principle I've ever seen, and it is even more stringent.

What might a smart paradigm include?

Many people who live in societies that embrace the western industrial dominant social paradigm don’t subscribe to that paradigm in whole or in part. Many realize, or sense, that our current paradigm threatens our ability to survive long-term. Our current paradigm tells us that the economy …

Food & agriculture - Dec 7

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