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Earth Church

On a hot day in late June, about ten of us, and some of our children, gathered at the water’s edge of Lake Michigan.

What Are You Reading?

I love books, always have.

Notes on a Spirit Quest

My friend Paul shamelessly revealed here not so long ago that I recently turned 50, an event that prompted more soul-wracked reflection on my part than I’d anticipated.

Hot Brain Cool Brain

Those who find themselves more often on the winning side – whether in athletics, business, politics or relationships – are those who have cool brains. They play the long game.

Ultimate Tiny House Design

The latest internal configurations shown here represent what I describe as the penultimate and ultimate passive solar and plumbing designs for a tiny house on wheels.

A New American Dream

Jeremiah (my partner) and I don’t dream of getting rich, or owning a big house with a white picket fence and a two-car garage, or driving a fancy car.

My Personal Burnout Audit

In the same spirit that George Monbiot publishes his 'Registry of Interests' showing who pays him to do what, I am going to attempt an honest evaluation... of how I manage balance and burnout in my own life.

On Pretending That What’s Happening Isn’t Actually Happening

In December I found myself sliding into a state of extreme unwillingness to take on new projects, to continue work on those in hand, to write, or do much of anything else, really, at work or at home.

Plumbing the Tiny House

This continues the series of articles by which we hope to empower readers to exit the "killing fields of the future" (the cities), to help you achieve and maintain a comfortable offgrid lifestyle for at least a couple of decades

What Makes a Good Export?

By choosing to live more simply, more kindly, more compassionately, while such an approach would inevitably reduce our physical exports, we need to bear in mind that we would end up exporting something far more important, long-lasting and needed.

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