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What to Do When You Suspect We’re Headed for Collapse

These troubled times prompt each of us to ask a simple, but absolutely critical question: “What should I do?”

What climate "injustice" means for poorer communities

While the ecological and infrastructure impacts of climate change are becoming ever more self-evident, what about the social impacts?

Becoming Home

Born from the thought that maybe, just maybe, we could one day build a house debt free, we had long ago begun a conversation of outside-the-box ideas about what a stepping stone dwelling to that debt free house might be – Sailboat? Cabin? RV?

Edge-Dwelling: A Social Ecology For Our Time: Part 5: Shamans, Midwives, And Hospice Workers

Beyond the edge where what we know and don’t know meets lies the Unknown (with a capital U).

Review: Collapsing Consciously by Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker writes with passion, insight and courage about a topic that most people turn away from – the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect of what she and many others call “collapse.”

Edge-Dwelling: A Social Ecology For Our Times, Part 4: Low Tide

There’s something important to be learned here about the value of understanding the unseen forces shaping our lives here at the edge of our civilization’s crumbling.

A shorter working week is possible

It was predicted in the 1930 by the economist John Maynard Keynes that thanks to the technological innovations, people in the twenty-first century will not have to work more than 15 hours a week. But here we are in the twenty-first century and many people in the industrialized world are in a …

From WIC to Wok: The Arcadia Mobile Market Seasonal Cookbook

JuJu Harris knows what it’s like to be a WIC mother struggling to feed a family on a limited income, and this spring she’s producing a cookbook inspired by others in the same situation.

Edge-Dwelling: A Social Ecology For Our Times; Part 3: Middle School, Misfits, And The Milky Way

I’ve wondered about this experience of seeing more clearly from the edge, both the shape of some thing (in this case our galaxy) and what lies beyond. How might this work when applied to a social grouping?

Sophy Banks on the risks of going for growth, and other ways to make an impact

I would like to encourage the hundreds of leaders, thinkers, do-ers and seekers in our movement to pause from time to time and reflect together on how we understand our true purpose and mission.

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