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EU and US sanctions against Russia threaten Arctic

Professor Bradshaw is concerned Rosneft could decide to carry on drilling without the Western expertise and so increase the risk of a catastrophic accident in the Arctic. And he adds that Russia's new gas deal with China will not help.

Oil headlines

•Who Owns the Arctic •Gazprom's over-reaction to Arctic oil protest is a sign their fortune is at stake •Canadian Oil Producers May Have A Lot More Riding On The Keystone XL Pipeline Than Transcanada •OPEC oil production update July 2013 •Mexico deputies scuffle in …

China’s New Arctic Presence Signals Future Development

When China — along with Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, and Italy — was granted permanent observer status in the Arctic Council last month, it left many experts wondering whether a paradigm shift in geopolitics is taking place in the region.

Peak oil - May 31

•Oil guru says US shale revolution is 'temporary' •A Black Mound of Canadian Oil Waste Is Rising Over Detroit •Analysis - Oil executives tune out the call of the wild Arctic •The delayed oil impact of the 'Arab spring'

Peak oil - Mar 19

•Europe facing peak oil •International oil companies’ oil production peaked in 2004 and declined by 2.1 % pa •UK more vulnerable from disruption to oil supplies •Greenland government falls as voters send warning to mining companies

Oil - Mar 7

•Critical Part of Keystone Report Done by Firms with Deep Oil Industry Ties •The spreading slick of blame for the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill •Statoil may abandon US Arctic drilling leases •Peak Oil, The Shale Boom and our Energy Future: Interview with Dave Summers

Oil - Feb 13

•Dude, where's my cheap gas? •How do you measure China’s oil demand? IEA goes from “error to error” •Twilight of an energy boom: Alberta’s new fiscal challenge •OPEC Boosts Estimated Demand for Its Own Crude Oil •Setback for Shell's Arctic oil …

Frozen frontiers for oil and gas explorations

The fact that the summer ice is declining in the Arctic means that there is now also the possibility to take ships northwest and northeast of Greenland (seen from Europe) and the famous Northeast Passage goes through Russian territorial waters. Some judge that the risk for conflict there will …

Oil - Feb 5

•Bakken Oil Output Fell in November for First Time in 18 Months •Arctic nations' oil spill plans too vague, say environmentalists •Vast Oil Reserve May Now Be Within Reach, and Battle Heats Up

Oil - Jan 10

•Interior Dept. Expedites Review of Arctic Drilling After Accidents •U.S. oil production to jump 25 percent by 2014 - EIA •Why the world is headed toward more oil scarcity •Peak oil group presses EIA to temper optimistic crude outlook •Why a potential …

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