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The Path Ahead from Paris

We need to work together to create a “biosphere smart” economy

Baucis and Philemon in the 21st Century: Notes on Living Small

I live in the nation with the highest rates of personal consumption and energy use ever seen on earth, and I live small.

Creating Local Community Resilience to Avoid Climate Catastrophe

The accelerating climate crisis requires massive mobilization of populations to take back control of our lives through resistance, replacement, and resilience.

My Journey Towards Degrowth

Setting aside some of my big ambitions — studying, writing, trying to amass twitter followers — to simply move slowly evolved my understanding of how to degrow.

Your Basic Essentials

More than a hundred years of consumer capitalism and the free labor of fossil fuels have left most of us ill-equipped to contemplate the essentials of life and the value of work.

Retrotopia: A Gift to be Simple

Our narrator ventures out of Toledo into a tier one rural county and sees one of the alternative cultures taking shape in the Lakeland Republic.

Filming the Change in New Zealand

As this year wraps up and the footage for our feature-length documentary, A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity, goes away to the editor, I'm planning a trip to New Zealand to make a series of short films about all kinds of inspiring people and projects.

Richard Heinberg: After the Burn  

After a two-century-long burning bender, the globe is in for a heck of a hangover.

Limits to Growth: An Update

The 1972 book, Limits to Growth, is the best-selling environmental book of all time, and deservedly so.

A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity

A Simpler Way is a documentary about simple living, permaculture, and local economy as a response to global crises.

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