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Compost Capitalism

‘The pain we feel is capitalism dying.’ The words left an impression on me I think because they describe that strange, existential ache that we probably have all felt at some time or another, when contemplating how we should live our lives in a world that seems so tragically off track.

Wurruk'an: Seeding a New Earth Story

The low-impact way of life that is emerging at Wurruk’an has been captured on film as part of a documentary called A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity, written and produced by Jordan Osmond (Happen Films) and Samuel Alexander (Simplicity Institute).

The Peak Oil Dilemma

Peak oil, as a theory, has been downplayed, because models predicted that we'd hit peak oil production between 2000 and 2010, and we didn't--instead, we plateaued.

We Could Be Witnessing the Death of the Fossil Fuel Industry—Will It Take the Rest of the Economy Down With It?

It’s not looking good for the global fossil fuel industry. Although the world remains heavily dependent on oil, coal and natural gas—which today supply around 80 percent of our primary energy needs—the industry is rapidly crumbling.

An Energy Diet for a Healthy Planet - Part II

Now one might think with all these heat losses that going all-electric isn't a good idea until all our electricity is produced by hydro and renewables. One would be wrong.

The Paris Climate Talks: A Nepali View

Before the COP21 meetings in Paris, I had never attended an international negotiation of any kind. Based on my experiences at the talks, I brought back to Nepal new and sometimes alarming understandings that will guide me in my continued activism for justice and climate change.

How an Alternative School in India has been running on Alternative Energy since the 1980s

When we first heard about Sholai School, located amidst the pristine nature of the Palani Hills in the southeastern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, we were so captivated by its description that we decided to take a local bus to visit the establishment.

How Far Can We Get Without Flying?

I’m a climate scientist who doesn’t fly...I’d assumed that electricity and driving were my largest sources of emissions. Instead, it turned out that the 50,000 miles I’d flown that year.  

The Path Ahead from Paris

We need to work together to create a “biosphere smart” economy

Baucis and Philemon in the 21st Century: Notes on Living Small

I live in the nation with the highest rates of personal consumption and energy use ever seen on earth, and I live small.

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