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Quite Possibly the Dumbest Thing the Mustache Ever Wrote

Over the weekend The New York Times published what could very well be the dumbest column Thomas Friedman has ever written.

Peak Oil Notes - Aug 7

Neither the intensifying “2nd Cold War” between Russia and the West nor the worsening chaos across the Middle East seems to be enough to encourage oil traders to build a risk premium into oil prices.

One Hundred Thirty Nine Square Miles of Sand, Part III: Denouement

Permaculture brings peace by achieving food sovereignty, decolonizing our food systems and supporting local producers. It restores the natural world that makes human life possible, even in the desert.

One Hundred Thirty Nine Square Miles of Sand, Part II: The Road to Zion

“If a path to the better there be, it begins with a look at the worst.” — Thomas Hardy

Peak Oil Review - Aug 4

A weekly review including: Oil and the Global Economy, The Middle East & North Africa, Russia, Quote of the Week, The Briefs.

The Emerging Iranian-Turkish Energy Partnership

The differences in energy outlooks between Tehran and Ankara have created a strong foundation for cooperation.

The Ukraine conflict, peak cheap gas and the MH17 tragedy

The number of countries with fossil fuel conflicts and wars is increasing. Libya, Sudan, Egypt (Sinai), Yemen, Syria, Iraq and now Ukraine. The result is that many innocent people die and that actual oil/gas production drops.

Peak oil notes - July 31

A mid-week update. Crude prices continued to fall this week as markets ignored the new sanctions on Russia and the increasing turmoil in the Middle East to focus on sagging gasoline demand and increasing product stocks.

New Russia Sanctions: Washington, Delusional About US Energy Capacity, Lashes Out

The effect of the sanctions will be to speed the Russian decline, forcing up world oil prices as soon as US tight oil maxes out and goes into its inevitable nosedive.

Ukraine - headlines

•US and EU Lose Major Energy Battle in Ukraine •Coordinated Sanctions Aim at Russia’s Ability to Tap Its Oil Reserves •Ukrainian 'seizes Avdiivka' in rebel Donetsk stronghold •Ukrainian prime minister Arseny Yatseniuk resigns •Ukraine votes to keep Western …

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