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The Great Deceleration

The 'Great Acceleration' of economic activity in the past 60 years has led to a series of interlocking crises. Here's why a Great Deceleration is necessary for us "to live again with affection and beauty on this earth."

Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future

During the early decades of the century, the market will lose its magic.

Trade in Food: It's the Competition, Stupid

Trade is not only a response to market demand, it creates demand and therefore recreates the need for it; trade becomes its own justification.

How Globalization Divides Us: Perspectives on Brexit from a Dual Citizen

Getting out of Europe does nothing to address the real problems in UK society—or the world.

Globalization and the American Dream

Implicit in the rhetoric promoting globalization is the premise that the rest of the world should be brought up to the standard of living of the West, and America in particular.

Why Global Capital Fears ‘Brexit’

Today, interlinked multinational banks and corporations constitute a de facto European government, determining economic activity through the ‘European market’....In other words, corporations run Europe.

Why Globalization Reaches Limits

We have been living in a world of rapid globalization, but this is not a condition that we can expect to continue indefinitely.

Globalization and Terror

To understand the rise of religious fundamentalism and ethnic conflict we need to look at the deep impacts of the global consumer culture on living cultures across the planet. Doing so allows us to better understand ISIS and similar groups, and see a way forward that lessens violence on all sides.

Current trade treaties: "a revolution against law"

A respected human-rights expert at the United Nations, Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, has joined the global movement opposing trade treaties like TPP and TTIP. And he has novel and powerful legal arguments.

The Post-Wall Street Era Will be Local

Big business is the main destroyer of our environment. But companies—both small and big—may well also be the only entities powerful and creative enough to reverse this trend.

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