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Don't Leave BitCoin to the Libertarians! (Or, why Your Movement Needs Open Source Money)

Among activists one often finds an aversion to even thinking about money.

Making the most of climate change?

Those who follow climate change in the news will know that the latest IPCC report on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability to climate change does not paint a very rosy picture.

Five pathways to post-capitalist 'renaissance' by a former oil man

In my first post on Leggett's new book, I focused on his analysis of our "risk blindness." But despite his trenchant and uncompromising stance on the potentially catastrophic consequences of business as usual, Leggett is no doomer.

Who's looking beyond growth?

Is there a way off the economic escalator?

After Death of Radical Mayor, Mississippi's Capital Wrestles With His Economic Vision

“The most significant things happen in history when you get the right people in the right place at the right time, and I think that’s what we are,” Mayor Lumumba told me this February in Jackson.

Crowd Financing Worker Cooperatives: Lessons from the Workers Diner

It may be that one of the immediate successes of the Workers Diner project was to inspire the crowdfinancing provisions of the JOBS Act, federal legislation that intends to lower regulatory hurdles for online direct public offerings and facilitate investments from (and to) Main Street.

It’s time to put money out of its misery

Why are discussions about poverty so often held in luxurious surroundings? Perhaps it’s easier to think that way, without any poor people in the room to muddy the proceedings

David Harvey: the crisis of capitalism this time around

Crises are essential to the reproduction of capitalism.

On Participatory Economics and What Must Be Done

Gar Alperowitz and Michael Albert compare and contrast their work on democracy, economic justice.

Searching for alternatives part 3 - Regional Values in Freiburg

Farmers should not see society as consumers and society should not see farmers only as producers.

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