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Solar Tree: engagement through art   

There were several objectives behind making the Solar Tree but the foremost was to find new and interesting ways to engage households on energy issues.

Upskilling for Post Growth Futures, Together

I still feel that childlike thrill each time I learn something new.

Reimagining Santa's Grotto: The Restart Project

The mental image we were brought up with of Santa's workshop was of hoards of elves working away making new stuff, painting wooden trains with paintpots and so on. But what if we were able to shift that image, and instead tell our children that the elves aren't making stuff, they're repairing it?

What can we learn from the austerity of 1939-1945?

Waste nothing. Keep a stock pot going for soups and stews. Use up leftovers. Cook without meat several times a week, using eggs, cheese, lentils, pearl barley, rice. Use seasonal ingredients. Use cheaper cuts of meat, cooked long and slowly. Have fun foraging for wild food: mushrooms, …

How to Be an Urban Fruit Forager

In the 10 km radius of where I live I can source 80% of my favourite fruit, mostly for free, for a token sum, or in exchange for my own homegrown produce.

Less than 2 Percent of Carpenters Are Women—Meet the Master Builder Working to Change That

Carpenter Maria Klemperer-Johnson is used to being the only woman on the construction site—but, thanks in part to her own work, that is beginning to change.

What Van Gogh can teach us about education and learning

But what can we pull out of Vincent's story that might illuminate our discussions about education and learning over this month?

Preserving the Past to Serve the Future: Using Pre-fossil Fuel Technology on Regional Waterways

Transitioning includes reinvigoration of heirloom technologies and traditional skills needed to thrive in a carbon-constrained future.

Our daily conveniences are somebody else’s suffering

What would it look like to consume and use resources in a way that does not look the other way?

On the skill of sharing and the sharing of skills

One of the most important skills we have lost, that facilitates the learning and practicing of all the other skills, is the skill of sharing. This is particularly true if you are on the receiving end, we are still fairly good at telling other people what to do or at doing a good deed, but so …

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