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Home Growing Produces Ten Times the Food of Arable Farms

So, how is it possible that low-tech vegetable plots out perform modern mechanised farms?

Hedgerow Hypotheticals: Our Cities and Suburbs Need Hedgerows Too

You’d think you could walk the streets of an average residential neighborhood and see green infrastructure galore, including raingardens and bioswales, not to mention hedgerows. But no.

The Politics of Extinction

An introduction to the most beautiful animal you’ll never see.

If We're Serious about Saving Bees and Butterflies, Here's What We Should Do

If pollinator health is made a priority, to be successful much current policy and practice must change.

Seed Libraries Fight for the Right to Share

Seeds are the forgotten heroes of food—and of life itself.

Just What Is a Hedgerow? A Few Notes on History, Form and Function

What is a domesticated yet wild landscape?

SOS: Save our Seeds

Have you ever saved seeds, joined a local seed swap or contributed to a seed library?

SELC and Shareable Kickoff Campaign to Save Seed Sharing in the U.S.

The campaign is designed to educate people about seed sharing issues, support seed sharing communities, and reform overzealous seed laws.

Coexistence: The Power of the Flerd

The power of carbon + coexistence struck me while visiting a farm in New South Wales, Australia, a few years ago.

Finding McIntosh

Trees are one way of investing in the future, so lets make our great grandkids proud and leave them something positive to remember us by.

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