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The Whispering World of Plants: "The Wood Wide Web"

The notion that plants can "talk" to one another was, until relatively recently, dismissed as fantasy, but the reality of inter-plant communication is now becoming an accepted part of mainstream science.

Integrity of the Flour – Respect for the Grain

Andrew Whitley hopes to see “real bread within walking distance for everybody.”

Saving Seeds

The miracle of a seed is that this tiny little thing holds within itself the potential to recreate a whole individual plant or tree.

Growing Topsoil

Is topsoil a renewable resource or a nonrenewable resource, especially in dry or degraded landscapes?

The Global Oil Supply: Implications for Biodiversity?

The link between the global oil supply and biodiversity is not directly causal; rather, the two are elements of a broader and more integrated picture.

Gardening for Native Bees   

Deb digs deep to get the skinny on Native Bees. An interview with featured author Adrian Ayres Fisher about how you can plant up your yard to attract pollinators.

Resilience: A New Conservation Strategy for a Warming World

As climate change puts ecosystems and species at risk, conservationists are turning to a new approach: preserving those landscapes that are most likely to endure as the world warms.

Rewilding Body, Mind, and Soil

Soil is Mother Earth’s gut – its microorganisms digest her food while her flora produce the necessary bacteria and yeasts to keep her healthy.

The “Sixth Extinction” Adds Urgency to Habitat and Climate Protection

It’s now unequivocal: the sixth great spasm of species extinctions has begun. We – homo sapiens – are its cause. And only we can slow it down.

Seed Sharing Movement Wins Big with New Legislation

Since the crackdown on seed libraries by some U.S. states last year, organizers (including Shareable) around the country have been working to protect seed sharing. In both Minnesota and Nebraska, bills that specifically exempt non-commercial seed sharing from commercial seed laws were recently …

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