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The Tao of the Apocalypse

So even though post apocalyptic stories are my favorite ones to read and watch, it is the story of the Tao and a life lived in accordance with nature that I want to play a role in.

Dark Age America: The collapse of political complexity

There is a lethal mismatch between the realities of power in an age of decline, and the institutional frameworks inherited from a previous age of ascent

Transcending Collapse

I predict the lineages of people alive 1,000 years from now will count among their ancestors people who transcended today’s collapse mythology and got to the real work of self and community development, inner work and adaptation.

Converging Energy Crises - And How our Current Situation Differs from the Past

At the Age of Limits Conference, I gave a talk called Converging Crises, talking about the crises facing us as we reach energy limits. In this post, I discuss some highlights from a fairly long talk.

Review: Collapsing Consciously by Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker writes with passion, insight and courage about a topic that most people turn away from – the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect of what she and many others call “collapse.”

Apocalypses Everywhere

Let's lift the lid off the A-word, take a peek inside, and examine how it affects our everyday lives.

On the Other Side of Collapse: Notes from the Island of Cyprus

Last year, Sofia witnessed first hand the near complete collapse of the island’s economy...

Charting Collapseniks

A ferment in the environmental movement, brewing for many years, has now bubbled up into the blogosphere. We are dipping our ladle in here to take a little taste of it, even though we are quite certain it is not done fermenting.

The punctuated collapse of the Roman Empire

The idea of an impending collapse of our civilization is already bad enough in itself, but it has this little extra-twist that collapse may be given more speed by what I called the "Seneca Cliff,"

The Scheduled Death of God

There’s a mordant irony in the fact that a society as fixated on the future as ours is should have so much trouble thinking clearly about it.

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