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No Oil Price Rebound Yet: An Explanation in Two Charts

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, February 10 proclaimed “Oil-Price Rebound Predicted” according to the IEA. - Not true.

Alternate opinions: The world's energy information duopoly comes to an end

Most energy forecasts are based on information from the two leading energy information agencies: the EIA and the IEA. That's about to change. Policymakers, investors and the public should take heed.

Energy Crunch - a solar future?

Solar power could replace coal as the world's biggest source of electricity by 2050. That's according to a new report this week from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Energy Crunch: The writing’s on the wall

In the last fortnight we’ve seen new rules on coal emissions in the US, the prospect of a cap on coal consumption in China, and a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) highlighting the risks to fossil fuel investment.

IEA Investment Report - Stumbling on the Real Story

What the IEA has inadvertently stumbled upon is the reason why oil limits are a problem...It looks like there are plenty of resources available and plenty of ways to reduce energy use through mitigation. In fact, it becomes to impossible to finance everything that needs to be done.

IEA Says the Party’s Over

The International Energy Agency has just released a new special report called “World Energy Investment Outlook” that should send policy makers screaming and running for the exits.

Will the real International Energy Agency please stand up?

It was as if the International Energy Agency were appearing on the old American television game show To Tell the Truth last week as it offered a third contradictory forecast in the space of a year.

Energy Crunch: the global picture

Everything is changing on energy, and yet everything remains the same. This is the message from the latest World Energy Outlook by the International Energy Agency.

Wind to Double and Solar to Triple in 6 Years, Says IEA

Renewables will surpass natural gas for electricity generation globally by 2016, doubling nuclear output and coming in second only to coal in power generation.

IEA: Improve energy efficiency of urban transport systems

As energy consumption for transport in cities is expected to double by 2050, IEA report sees potential savings of up to USD 70 trillion