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Peak Oil Review - April 4

A weekly roundup of peak oil news, including: -Oil and the Global Economy -Middle East and North Africa -China -Russia -Briefs

Peak Oil Notes - July 16

A Mid-Week Update. It has been one of the more event-filled weeks in recent memory, but so far oil prices have changed little with New York futures continuing to trade between $51 and $53 a barrel and London between $57 and $59.

Saudi Arabia: besieged and fearful

The Saudi regime has long been considered a pillar of political stability in the Middle East, a country that commanded respect and prudence from all its neighbors. This is no longer true, and the first ones to recognize this are those who are important internal players in the regime. Today, …

Post peak countries: the collapse of Yemen

When I saw for the first time the data about oil production in Yemen, I was so impressed that I wanted to know more.

Peak oil notes - Oct 10

A midweek update. Oil prices, which had remained relatively steady since the end of last week, plunged on Wednesday after the EIA released its weekly stocks report showing a 6.8 million barrel increase in US crude stocks – more than four times what analysts had been expecting.

What Syria tells us about world oil supplies

I believe that the Syrian regime's use of chemical weapons is merely a pretext for American intervention. One always suspects that oil is the real issue when it comes to the Middle East. So, let's see if that's the case here.

Peak oil notes - Dec 20

 A mid-week update.

Peak oil notes - Dec 13

A mid-week update

Peak oil review - Dec 3

A weekly update, including: •Oil and the global economy •Middle East •Europe •The climate summit •Quote of the week •Briefs

Peak oil review - Nov 19

A weekly update, including: •Oil and the global economy •The Middle East •The IEA's forecast •Quote of the week •Briefs

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