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Conflict and Change in the Era of Economic Decline: Part 3 - Scenarios for simplification: the options for managerial elites

Setting aside the discussion of international conflict, what will be the options of nations for dealing internally with economic decline? So far, the first resort of many countries has been fiscal austerity.

Understanding Our Oil-Related Fiscal Cliff

The United States’ fiscal cliff is very much related to several changes we have been going through recently, and will likely continue to experience: 1. High oil prices (more than triple their level ten years ago).

UT motto modification: What Starts Here...Accelerates Destruction?

I want to suggest a slight modification of the University of Texas’ motto, “What starts here changes the world.” A more accurate slogan -- while not quite as pithy and probably less effective for public-relations purposes -- would be, “What starts here accelerates the …

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