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How Have the IEA's Renewable Forecasts Changed?

Renewable energy capacity is growing more rapidly than expected, says the International Energy Agency (IEA), overtaking coal for the first time.

IEA report: US shale oil growth practically zero in 2017

US growth is seen to decline to a meagre 160 kb/d by 2017. That is plausible given the high decline rates in tight oil fields.

New Energy Report from I.E.A. Forecasts Decline in North American Oil Supply

Well, that shale bubble, didn’t last long, did it?

Peak oil notes - Nov 14

A mid-week update. New York and London futures prices diverged this week as different factors emerged to drive the two market in different directions.

Peak oil notes - June 13

A mid-week update. After falling on Monday and Tuesday, oil prices rebounded to roughly unchanged on Wednesday on a weaker dollar and a report from Libya that oil production has fallen to less than 1 million b/d after sabotage and labor unrest closed oilfields and ports. New York oil futures …

Peak oil notes - May 16

A mid-week update. While oil prices are little changed this week, there has been considerable news concerning the energy markets. Bad economic reports from Europe, the US, and China have helped keep pressure on the markets and raised fears of lower demand for oil in the months ahead. The …

What future for petroleum?

The IEA forecast for the future of petroleum is not only too optimistic, but also wrong because they are based on summing volumes of fuels which have different output and energy costs of extraction. Here you find the correct analysis, much less reassuring

Peak oil notes - Nov 15

 A midweek update.