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With Corporate Energy, We're Stuck in the Dark Ages – Let's Switch to Public Ownership

It is clear that Britain has an energy problem.

Power to the People? Not if utilities have their say.

Solar capacity is growing. Rapidly.

Indian Microgrids Aim to Bring Millions out of Darkness

Powered by solar panels and biomass, microgrids are spreading slowly across India, where 300 million people live without electricity. But can these off-grid technologies be scaled-up to bring low-carbon power to tens of millions of people?

Energy transitions - Mar 14

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Energy transitions - Feb 13

•Solar for All •Energy-Efficient Mortgages now widely available in the US •EDF asks would you do the washing when the wind is blowing? •Energy Co-ops Bring Energy by the People, for the People Through Social Innovation •Why councils could be the answer to the energy crisis

Snug and smug with solar power: keeping on the sunny side of the storms

Producing your own power is true independence, but all power has its limits. The limit of solar power lies in batteries, which are still expensive, large, and heavy. Designing a solar system to sustain your household when the grid goes down is a lesson in needs versus wants. These become …

Don't just divest, re-invest

What we really need is to invest our capital (both financial and sweat) in community-owned, distributed, and small-scale renewable energy. Why? Because we must fundamentally remake the energy economy as if nature, people, and the future actually mattered.

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