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Europe Oil Consumption Peaked in 2005

Consumption peaked 7 years after the production peak and is falling now in sync with production.

On the Other Side of Collapse: Notes from the Island of Cyprus

Last year, Sofia witnessed first hand the near complete collapse of the island’s economy...

Italy's slow collapse: how declining energy consumption affects GdP

The economy of Italy seem to be declining as a consequence of the increasing cost (or - equivalently - declining energy returns, EROEI) of primary energy sources, mainly natural gas and crude oil.

The other side of the peak: Italy's collapse of oil and gas consumption

Italy' peak oil has arrived: we are back to 1967 in terms of oil consumption.

Shale gas, peak oil and our future

De Wereld Morgen asks Richard Heinberg about the prospects for fracking in Europe.

Peak oil review - Dec 3

A weekly update, including: •Oil and the global economy •Middle East •Europe •The climate summit •Quote of the week •Briefs

European movements share strategies in Madrid ahead of general strike

Shared problems need shared solutions. That's why, last May, members of various European social movements met in Frankfurt to protest the European Central Bank in three days of action under the name “Blockupy.” There, they decided that they needed to do more to create joint …