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Protest Ban? What Protest Ban?

The French government’s attempts to crack down on climate protesters have only made their voices louder

‘This Changes Everything’: What the Paris Attacks Mean for the Climate Protests

Now is not the time to stay silent.

Reflecting on 10 years of Change-Making

One small step each day over 10 years adds up to a whole lot of change. One small step of mine added to one small step of yours -- now we're talking.

Flashmobs and Flamenco: How Spain’s Greatest Artform Became a Tool for Political Protest

 How Spain's most alluring cultural phenomenon can be used as a powerful political tool.

A History of the Climate Negotiations in Six Videos

A few days ago, the topic for my undergraduate class, Earth in Crisis, taught to 150 students, half in Sociology and half in Environmental Studies at UC Santa Barbara, was “What a COP is Really Like, and What the Treaty Looks Like.”

The Color of Food: How Gardens and Farms Can Help Us Heal From a History of Racism

Sitting at the table with so many farmers doing revolutionary work taught me that farming isn’t only about stewarding the land; it’s also about stewarding community and tending the soul.

Why COP 21 Matters, and Why I'm Going

Are we expecting COP21 to be that moment of fireworks and dancing elephants, a 'Great Change Moment', when people dance in the street and subsequently put plaques up to immortalise the moment for their grandchildren? If we are, we're missing the point.

From Cafeterias to Farms: How Students are Mobilizing their Universities to Build a more Local, Just, and Sustainable Food System

Thousands of students have united under the guise of a nation-wide campaign called the Real Food Challenge (RFC), a movement aimed at shifting $1 billion in institutional food spending to food that is sustainable, just, and local: in other words, ‘real food.’

Is it the Beginning of the End for the Alberta Oilsands?

A new report from Oil Change International challenges industry’s common assumption that the continued production of oilsands crude is inevitable.

Cooperide – the Privilege of Time or the Performance of Change

Powered by hardcore conviction, Cooperide is a bloc that will travel from Copenhagen to Paris for COP21, starting November 14.

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