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Labour and Nature: Power in Numbers

I’m incredibly excited to see the growing linkages between the environmental movement and the labour movement.

Open Source Hacking

The financial sector is a notoriously opaque, alienating and destructive complex.

A New Alignment of Movements?

Despite the deepening crisis of neoliberalism in Europe, no clear alternative critiques or philosophical approaches have emerged that could catalyze a united response or new convergence of movements.

Radical Democracy: Reclaiming the Commons

That theme is citizens seeing their right to decide what kind of communities they want to live in denied by faceless processes far-removed from local reality, and certainly not accountable to it.

Industry backlash against fossil fuel divestment forces the question: Which side are you on?

Rather than convincing administrators, or even the fossil fuel industry, of their wrongs, divestment campaigners should be convincing everyone that the movement is right.

From #Takethesquare to São Paulo’s #FreeYourPark

The occupation of Augusta Park in the Brazilian city of São Paulo...opens a new breakthrough in the global cycle of occupations: the proposal of a commons-oriented park.

How Nebraskans are winning the fight against Keystone XL

As congressional Republicans jockey to rush approval of the controversial infrastructure project, the millions who live along the Keystone XL’s proposed route have been left out of the conversation on Capitol Hill.

Message to the UK: The Fracking 'Bridge' is Burning!

British anti-frackers can celebrate this week's achievements - but the fight ahead will not be an easy one.

Agribusiness and Food Corporations Are not People

Five years ago today, the Supreme Court dealt a devastating setback to those working to reform our food and farm system.

Fairness and the Commons

One of the challenges that we have in this process is how to create distributed systems of organization that work, not only technology-based, but human-based.

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