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Why the Climate Movement Needs a Reboot

Like resurrected dinosaurs, movements are living creatures; therefore, they need a kind of DNA to serve as the building blocks for how the movement shows up in the world.

How to Stop Competing and Start Building Community

If we want to address the entrenched injustices and suffering in the world, then, put simply, activists will need to work together.

Delivering "People Power": Lessons from Ancient Athens

Take a straw poll of nearly any Western country and you’ll soon notice that a lot of people are unhappy.

“Build the City”: The Critical Role of Art, Culture & Commoning

A new anthology of essays, Build the City: Perspectives on Commons and Culture, powerfully confirms that the “city as a commons” meme is surging.

To Change Everything, it's Going to Take Everything We've Got

We’re in a crisis so deep, so knotted, so unprecedented, and so urgent that, well, we have to change everything, pretty much. Or else.

Rebel Cities: the Citizen Platforms in Power

Barcelona’s new mayor, former housing rights activist Ada Colau, has compared the experience of winning the city election this spring to giving birth for the first time.

Paris: the Untold Story

This is a report about COP21 that didn’t make the headlines...

Australia’s Powerful Web of Grassroots Climate Resistance

In times of crisis, the only reasonable response is to intervene, and it’s time for civil society in Australia and elsewhere to build the pathways needed to allow people to step into powerful nonviolent direct action.

(Perma)culturally Deconditioning the Climate Crisis

It is now more than ever apparent that the permaculture/ regenerative agriculture/ carbon farming community has the more efficient solutions to sequestering carbon and reversing the negative effects of sea level rise, rising temperatures, and ecosystem exploitation.

The World is Broken and the Hypocrisy of COP 21 Isn’t Going to Put it Back Together

Hypocrisy can take many forms, but at COP 21 it has one underlying purpose:

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