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Resilience + Resistance: A Recipe for Justice and Sustainability

In the face of climate change, we have the dual challenge of both resisting new fossil fuel infrastructure projects and building a resilient, sustainable and equitable economy in the shell of the old.

2011: A Year of Occupations that Changed the World

What has become of the great promise of social change raised by the “movements of the squares” of 2011?

We Are Mother Earth’s Red Line: Frontline Communities Lead The Climate Justice Fight Beyond The Paris Agreement

The Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015 is a dangerous distraction that threatens all of us.

Exit from the Megamachine

Opening a newspaper or listening to the radio news exposes us to a flood of catastrophic messages: devastating droughts, failing states, terrorist attacks, and financial crashes.

What’s next for Democracy Spring?

Last week, I was arrested at a sit-in to get big money out of politics and protect voting rights in Washington, D.C. 

Introducing Turn 21

Turn21 is a group of committed and concerned citizens of the planet dedicated to preserving the only world we have, here in the 21st Century. Our goal is to educate, inform, and exponentially grow in number those individuals who share this vision in order that we may take action as fast as …

Activists Push For Climate Justice, Fair Elections This Week In Washington

This week, thousands of activists converged in Washington, D.C. for Democracy Spring, a series of rallies, marches and sit-ins to protest big money in politics, voter suppression, and the Senate’s obstruction of President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination.

#NuitDebout: a Movement is Growing in France’s Squares

Over the last month France has been rocked by mass protests, occupations and strikes, as a new generation takes to the streets to expresses its rage at labor reforms and growing inequality.

Europe Needs a Plan B: Radical Political Change is Coming

For now, Plan B could be said to ask as many questions as it answers. What it makes clear, however, is that Europe as an economic and political structure will die unless radical change here happens fast.

Can ‘Effective Altruism’ Really Change the World?

Although the effective altruists are asking serious questions about what it means to be a moral agent, they seem to be missing something essential about the world in which we live...

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