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A Snapshot of Transition in Ireland: the Fight for Community Energy

For many years energy, climate change or Transition were not on people’s radar in Ireland, but circumstances have been changing and people are now waking up to our energy challenges.

With Corporate Energy, We're Stuck in the Dark Ages – Let's Switch to Public Ownership

It is clear that Britain has an energy problem.

A Case Study in Community Sustainability

Feldheim a perfect example of how a community working together can create sustainable solutions without (and in some cases in spite of) government legislation.

Energy transitions - headlines

•Swedish pension funds urged to dump fossil fuel holdings •Romantic Germany risks economic decline as green dream spoils •German Energy Storage Plan Could Trigger New Market Boom •Buying Local Solar Makes Florida City a World Leader •Constituency voices: realising the …

Paul Spencer and the Community Solar "Holy Grail"  

This week John Farrell and Wade Underwood talk with Paul Spencer, President and founder of the Clean Energy Collective (CEC) in Carbondale, CO.

Energy transitions - June 14

•Community Solar Concept A Big Hit At Michigan Energy Fair •A Secret Success Story •Generating interest in homegrown power •Power to the people - and to their homes •Brittany villages blazing a trail in energy self-sufficiency •Four German words

Distributed Renewable Generation

Industrial-scale wind and solar power projects can produce significant quantities of renewable energy,but distributed renewable energy generation--particularly rooftop photovoltaic installations--can achieve the same objective much faster without the environmental harm and at lower cost.

Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Energy Is Putting Power Back in the Hands of the People

The sun is waiting to be tapped for clean, cheap energy if we can get our heads out of the sand.

Community Renewable Energy: Webinar

 Community Renewable Energy is the first webinar in the new SELC series for planners, policymakers, and sharing economy change makers.      

Energy transitions - Mar 14

•Berlin to buy back grid and go 100 percent renewable •Big Energy Battle: An Unlikely Effort to Buy Berlin's Grid •German town goes off the grid, achieves energy independence •Crowdfunding and renewables: is power for the people by the people about to come of age? •Where …

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