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Slack Employment

It is a truth universally acknowledged that competitiveness is a good thing.

Capitalism and (De)Growth

I think about capitalism as a moment. A blink in time.

Re-imagining the Polity for a Networked Humanity

Can we envision some sort of transnational polity that could leapfrog over the poorly functioning state systems that prevail today?

10 Ways to Accelerate the Peer-to-Peer and Commons Economy

Let’s engage in a way to produce goods and create value that is free, fair, and sustainable! What is peer production and commons economics? More importantly, how can they help bring about a thriving economy that work for people and planet?

New Forms of Network-based Governance

To return to our original question: How can we develop new ways to preserve and extend the democratic capacities of ordinary people and rein in unaccountable market/state power?

Making Beautiful Things Where Everyone Gains and No One Profits

'When production is driven by profit, then shoddiness and misery are likely to be what gets produced.

Can the ‘New Economy’ and Labor Movements Come Together Again?

As capitalism continues to undergo economic and environmental crises, more common projects between the new economy and labor movements may lead to a revival within mainstream labor of the old cooperative commonwealth concept.

Degrowth and the Global Ecovillage Network

Can degrowth be considered a movement? Does degrowth embrace all kinds of movements struggling for a sustainable future?

No Chains A Cooperative Network Across Global Borders (Part 1*)

Some of the public may sympathize with workers like those in No Chains, who want to produce garments, but without being exploited. The question is how?

6 Ways We’re Already Leading an Economic Revolution

While progress is never strictly linear, I believe that we are beginning to see an accelerating development of the foundations for a system that looks a lot like the Pluralist Commonwealth, and a growing recognition of how they begin to fit together.

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