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Millennials and the Slave Economy

Similarities abound between today’s declining civic ethos and mid nineteenth century, pre Civil War era human flesh markets starting with America’s contemporary desperation class composed of minimum wage workers toiling in America’s most praised corporations (e.g. Wal-Mart …

Don't Leave BitCoin to the Libertarians! (Or, why Your Movement Needs Open Source Money)

Among activists one often finds an aversion to even thinking about money.

How to Integrate Gift Circles into Any Community

The Gift Circle, as founded by Alpha Lo and spread by Charles Eisenstein, is a group facilitation format that holds great possibility as a way to match resources with needs, create community and inspire gratitude and generosity.

A Call to Develop a Worker Cooperative Sector in New York City

Worker co-ops have the potential to address many of the immoral and inefficient shortcomings of capitalist workplaces.

Breaking the bank

Of course, breaking apart retail and investment banking is also the only way to de-risk the banking system, as any number of sensible commentators have pointed out...

Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues

Andrew McLeod recently wrote an excellent and thoughtful response to my article (with Gar Alperovitz) on Mondragón and issues of systemic design. In an effort to continue the constructive dialogue around this important topic, I offer this rejoinder.


This is an exploration of their impressive model for other cities to learn from - whether they are sharing cities, solidarity cities, or regions of new economy

Cooperative Movement Should Engage Government Cautiously

Current events illustrate the potential unintended consequences of subordinating market-based cooperative organizing into economic planning...

The "Icelandic Revolution" through the eyes of a Reconomist

What is really going on Iceland? Have they been jailing bankers, creating unprecedented press freedoms and crowd sourcing their new constitution?

Collapse? Maybe not.

In a previous post I argued that economic contraction is necessary and in fact underway. Is this "Collapse" -- that scary term that so many authors love to throw around?

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