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California Passes Bill to Legalize Complementary Currencies

A community without dollars is not a community without wealth – this basic insight lies at the heart of the community resilience movement.

Marinaleda: the village where people come before profit

In the south of Spain, the street is the collective living room.

Five Women-Run Co-ops Pushing Back Against the “Feminization of Poverty”

Cooperative development is one tool in the community wealth-building strategy toolbox that...can help lift low-wage workers, and especially women, out of poverty.

The Great Promise of Social Co-operatives

The austerity agenda is often presented as inevitable, which is really just a way for corporatists and conservatives to dismiss any discussion or debate.

Parecon: envisioning a life beyond capitalism

...parecon is a proposal or vision for how to accomplish economic functions consistent with classlessness, self-management, solidarity, equity, diversity, and ecological good sense.

Who's Responsible for the 'Moral Compass' of the New Economy?

What really defines the boundaries of the new economy, when the same voices are silenced both here and within capitalism?

Transition & the New Economy: Reflections from CommonBound

At the New Economy Coalition “CommonBound” Conference in Boston earlier this month, more than 600 people came together to explore how to reform and rebuild our flawed economic system.

Introducing the Oppositional Economy

What will it take to transition to local economies that are truly just, resilient, and regenerative? Recently PCI had the opportunity to explore this question with Mateo Nube, a co-founder of the Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project.

Global economic sharing: the most important debate of our time?

The implications of moving towards a global sharing economy are immense, but there are many reasons to embrace this simple concept

Leveling the Playing Field for Worker Cooperatives

A quiet revolution is rumbling through New York's municipal offices as they retool to support the creation of worker cooperatives as a way to fight poverty.

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