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The Meaning of Brexit: It's the Movement

And so there is another meaning, that Brexit represents both an explicit and implicit, (and perhaps, ironic,) repudiation of globalisation and neoliberalism.

Patterns of Commoning

Just like farmers, we cannot really know how big and copious the harvest will be, or when exactly it will come. But we keep seeding to help make the commons visible at different levels...

A Conversation with RSF Social Finance CEO Don Shaffer

"People get buried in a blizzard of financial terms that obfuscates—makes opaque—what is going on, furthers the paradigm of, “We’ll just take care of you. Here are the reports—full of jargon and charts and analytics that are virtually meaningless to you."

The Privilege of Being Privileged

The Ford Foundation believes we have an obligation to strengthen capitalism. In fact we have a duty to transform it.

How Democracy Collaborative Will Create 50 Million Employee Owners by 2050

There are currently an estimated 10 million employee owners in the U.S. What if that number grew to 50 million by 2050?

How Freelancers Are Reinventing Work Through New Collective Enterprises

Like an extended smashing of atoms, the 9-to-5 job market has shattered and splintered over the past 25 years in ways that have both liberated and trapped millions of workers.

Working with Patterns: An Introduction

Using patterns enables people to communicate common ideas about complex relationships more easily and to seamlessly combine theoretical research with its practical application.

Crowdsourcing the Food Commons Transition: De-commodifying Food one Movement at a Time

Today, the purchasing power of any given person determines how much and which type of food he can get access to – or physically produce it by own private means- as almost every single piece of food on Earth is already a private good. Or not?

How Urban Governments Are Promoting Worker Co-ops

City governments are shaping up as key actors accelerating worker co-op development.

D.E.growth: A Small Change in the Slogan with Large Benefits

Here I propose a new term that might combine the advantages of the word degrowth with those of its more positive alternatives.

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