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What is a Platform Co-op

The good news is that there is an alternative — one that places control and ownership of digital services into the hands of its users. It’s called a platform cooperative, or platform co-op.

An Overlooked Element of the Good Life in Italy (and Everywhere)

Cooperatives, such as this park cafe in Forli, can achieve social as well as economic goals

Helsinki Timebank: Currency as a Commons

In October 2009, while expecting another futile climate summit in nearby Copenhagen, a small group of friends in the Kumpula neighborhood of Helsinki got together to discuss practical alternatives.

Homeownership is Dead! Long Live the Permanent Real Estate Cooperative!

Imagine that a group of people works hard to fill their neighborhood with urban farms, bike lanes, parks, murals, community services, and education programs. Next, imagine that those same people are forced to move away. Ouch, that bites.

Grassroots Movements, Degrowth and ‘New Economies’

There are numerous grassroots movements and initiatives worldwide with the ambition to contribute to transformative change towards more sustainable, resilient and just societies.

Healthy Snack Invented on Indian Reservation Now Faces Stiff Corporate Competition

The Pine Ridge Indian reservation is not the first place you’d look for good news about creating a new kind of economy that works for everyone.

The Open Source School Redefines Education in Italy

Threading elements of the great educational experiments of Bauhaus and Roycroft Community models together with Pierre Levy’s modern definition of “collective intelligence,” La Scuola Open Source (The Open Source School) embodies the principles of the sharing movement.

Basic Income vs. Job Guarantee

Unlike a UBI, a Job Guarantee (JG) is not an untested policy in our country.

CIC’s autonomous projects of collective initiatives: Calafou

One of the most interesting autonomous projects associated with the Catalan Integral Cooperative (CIC) is Calafou, the self-proclaimed “post-capitalist colony” which settled in 2011 in the ruins of an abandoned industrial village in the Catalan county of l’Anoia, about 65km …

DIY System Change: Transitioning to a Just Economy with Timebanking

When you think of the work that needs to be done in order to transition to a restorative society, one that solves problems rather than creates them, one that regenerates living systems – what do you think of?

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