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These Friends from High School Bought an Abandoned Factory. Now They're Distilling Artisanal Whiskeys

“If we can put this building back to work, we can put any building in Indianapolis to work,” says Taft. “And if we can do it here, we can do it anywhere.”

What does REconomy look like in ... Linlithgow, Scotland?

Alan Brown of Transition Linlithgow (TL) in Scotland participated in the REconomy Event in St Andrews in October. Here, he shares his experience of the group as a start-up

It’s time for a new political and economic system – A conversation with Gar Alperovitz

Here’s our starting point: If you don’t like corporate capitalism or state socialism, then what do you want — and how do we get there?

What is a Transition-Oriented Enterprise?

The aspirational principles laid out below help define what is meant by a Transition-oriented Enterprise (TE).

Making Sense of the 'New Economy'

We hear a lot about this 'new economy'. But what actually is it?

Creating a New Economy That Goes Well Beyond Optimizing Financial Returns for Shareholders

Many of us know we need to completely change our economic system if we’re going to survive as a species on this planet, but very few people know how to do it.

The 8 Paradigm Shifts at the Heart of REconomy

For the next two months here we will be talking REconomy, looking in depth at this aspect of Transition which is about creating new enterprises, new economies, new livelihoods.

The Care-Centered Economy: A New Theory of Value

By identifying “care” as an essential category of value-creation, Praetorius opens up a fresh, wider frame for how we should talk about a new economic order.

Is the Local Economy Too Local? Why Co-Ops and Credit Unions Need a Broader Strategy

This is a story about the revolutionaries next door.

Steps Toward a New World: Four Co-ops that Are Building a New Economy

Seeing high unemployment, activists from various social movements have decided that since the contemporary system cannot provide them with jobs, they’ll create them outside of it.

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