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Reachable Moments: Transition-Interfaith Dialogue

The hundreds of millions of Americans affiliated with organized religion, 40 % of whom self-identify as "conservative," will be as affected as anyone else by accelerated climate change.

Climate change - if we were rational, we'd have it sorted by now

Has the climate debate stalled? Does extreme weather in the UK mean we’re talking about it more or less?

George Marshall on communicating climate change following extreme weather events

How should Transition initiatives in communities hit by extreme weather talk about climate change with their neighbours?

"Blow wind and crack your cheeks": introducing a month on living with climate change

This month our theme is "living with climate change". We'll be exploring that from a variety of angles...

Adam Corner on the "adverts that want to be your friend"

We're all far too sensible to be influenced by advertising, right?

Deep thought - headlines

•'Sleepwalking to Extinction': Capitalism and the Destruction of Life and Earth •The story of how greens became energy enemy number one •Collapsing Consciously

Jonathan Chait Is Wrong: The Keystone XL Fight Is An Excellent Strategy And Tactic

I am generally a fan of progressive pundit Jonathan Chait. But his latest New York magazine column, “The Keystone Fight Is a Huge Environmentalist Mistake,” misses the mark.

The Dead Tree That’s Bringing Drought To Life

This 38-foot-tall cedar elm, meant to bring attention to the crippling drought that has severely depleted reservoirs, bled dry important fluvial arteries, and killed more trees than there are people in America, bears a solemn burden.

The climate movement’s pipeline preoccupation

Much of the United States climate movement right now is structured like an archway, with all of its blocks resting on a keystone — President Obama’s decision on the Keystone XL pipeline.

The market for delusion on climate change

If we are, as neo-classical economists claim, “rational individuals” then you would think that all of us would put a lot of weight on the opinion of such a large number of scientists and the rigour of the process that is gone through.

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