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There's a lot more to Transition than community gardens

There is little mindfulness about how the way in which we communicate our message comes across to people beyond the bubble.

'Environmental Catastrophism" is a Red Herring

In my Monthly Review articles, I showed that there is simply no evidence for, and a wealth of evidence against, the claim that talking about environmental crises causes apathy or strengthens the right.

Engaging Diverse Communities in Climate Action: Lessons from Chicago

What does climate change mean to people in the U.S. in the context of their daily lives? What does “climate action” look like in the context of particular places and cultures?

Climate Change: The Bigger Picture

That climate-change alarm sits so comfortably within our culture’s familiar way of thinking, should give us pause.

The Play's the Thing

Politically, America may still have a long way to go before everybody’s on the same page with regard to anthropogenic climate change and the imperative to take immediate action.

UK Nurse takes on climate change

I hope that more people realise a little bit more about the impacts it might have on people’s health, go away, read a bit more, have more conversations and let’s try and change something.

Reachable Moments: Transition-Interfaith Dialogue

The hundreds of millions of Americans affiliated with organized religion, 40 % of whom self-identify as "conservative," will be as affected as anyone else by accelerated climate change.

Climate change - if we were rational, we'd have it sorted by now

Has the climate debate stalled? Does extreme weather in the UK mean we’re talking about it more or less?

George Marshall on communicating climate change following extreme weather events

How should Transition initiatives in communities hit by extreme weather talk about climate change with their neighbours?

"Blow wind and crack your cheeks": introducing a month on living with climate change

This month our theme is "living with climate change". We'll be exploring that from a variety of angles...

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