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Talking Energy Reality

Read on to learn about Leslie Moyer’s work with artists and energy, the undeserved un-sexiness of energy conservation and a particularly mind-blowing uphill car ride.

The Crocodiles of Reality

I’ve suggested in several previous posts that the peak oil debate may be approaching a turning point—one of those shifts in the collective conversation in which topics that have been shut out for years or decades finally succeed in crashing the party, and other topics that have …

Energy Crunch: Profits soar while temperatures fall

Last winter was the coldest for nearly 50 years. 31,000 excess deaths were attributed to the weather – up almost 30% from 12 months previously – and yet this year two thirds of households are planning to turn their heating down. If only this was down to a successful retrofitting …

Rob Hopkins Introduces New Yorkers to the Transition Movement

As Rob Hopkins explained to a small NYC audience, the Transition movement is increasingly focused on local economic development.  Reports on localizing food production, energy conservation and renewable energy capacity set out next steps toward a new green economy.

Cap the Grid

As a species, we must learn to live within the physical limitations of the biosphere. In the electric energy sector, this requires reversing the worldwide trend of ever-expanding electricity supply grids carrying energy vast distances from more and more large, centralized power plants. …

Energy Reality: What We’re For

Recognizing that all human economic activity is a subset of nature’seconomy and must not degrade its vitality is the starting point for systemic transformation of the energy system.

The speech Obama needed to make

I’ve stayed away from politics pointedly in posts, because voting for either party is still just voting for growth, with different labels applied. I do not believe that the current corporate giveaway that we call a political system is fixable unless we elect a leader who is ecologically …

Energy transitions - May 2

•Small-town mayors: the cutting edge of climate action •How are communities raising serious money for green energy projects? •Is 70 Percent Renewable Power Possible? Portugal Just Did It For 3 Months •Germany's Energy Transition Experiment •London's cooking waste to fuel …

There's Only One Real Option for Averting Economic and Ecological Ruin -- So Why Aren't We Talking About It?

Energy conservation is our best strategy for pre-adapting to an inevitably energy-constrained future. And it may be our only real option for averting economic, social, and ecological ruin.

Energy transitions - Feb 28

•12 Insights on Germany’s Energiewende •A decarb target is good for the economy, good for the environment and good for gas •Isn't it ethical to use less heating? •Big shifts ahead in Chinese energy consumption •Sunrise in the desert

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