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Two Important New Books

The Carbon Farming Solution: A Global Toolkit of Perennial Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices for Climate Mitigation and Food Security and Half-Earth: Our Planet’s Fight for Life.

The Wild Edge Of Sorrow: A Book Review By Carolyn Baker

Why should we consent to an apprenticeship with sorrow and read this instruction manual for doing so? From my perspective, the answer is quite simple: Unacknowledged and unexpressed grief is the most oppressive and agonizing burden that humans are carrying at this moment in history.

Review: Afterburn by Richard Heinberg

Heinberg, who has few peers in the art of distilling complex messages down to simple, easily understandable take-aways, gives this summation of our fossil fuel predicament: “it’s all about energy; renewables are the future; growth is over.”

Framespotting: Book review

What do climate change, sports teams and your family’s achievements have in common?

Review: Don't Even Think About It by George Marshall

Unlike most books on the subject, which try to convince people using science, Don't Even Think About It examines why the science doesn't convince people.

Review: Star's Reach, Not the Future We Ordered, and Decline and Fall

It's to John Michael Greer's immense credit that his work examines aspects of our collective cultural life few others dare touch–and does so more deeply than anyone else's work does.

Review: A History of the Future by James Kunstler

In the category of thrilling fiction about our post-industrial future, James Howard Kunstler’s World Made By Hand novels have no equal.

Mr. Toad in Union Grove: Review of A History of The Future by James Howard Kunstler

The novel is an exploration of the process of rebuilding a broken civilization, even as the old continues to decay and collapse in both expected and unexpected ways.

Resilience Food Growing: A Multibook Review

 A look at four books which take different approaches to creating resilient food growing models.

Decline and Fall - Book Review

Very few people will read this book without bristling at least once at things Greer says...which I regard as one of its virtues.

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