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Peak Oil Notes - May 22

A midweek roundup. After a five-session losing streak, oil prices reversed on Wednesday, climbing about a dollar a barrel in New York and London to close at $58.98 and $65.03 respectively

Saudi Arabia: The great oil game

 With the recent increase in Saudi production, it is clear that they have something in mind.

Peak Oil Review - Apr 27

 A weekly roundup of peak oil news, including: Oil and the Global Economy, The Middle East and North Africa, China, Russia/Ukraine, Greece and the EU, and the Briefs.

Peak Oil Review

A weekly roundup of peak oil news. -Oil and the Global Economy -The Middle East and North Africa -China -Russia/Ukraine -The Briefs

Peak Oil Notes - Mar 12

A midweek update. Oil prices have fallen during the last week with New York futures down about $4 a barrel, closing Wednesday at $48.17.

Peak Oil Notes - Mar 5

A midweek update. Oil prices have been volatile this week as traders attempt to fathom whether prices are stabilizing due to increasing demand, and eventually falling production, or will undergo another significant drop before rising next summer.

The Paradox of Oil: The Cheaper it is, the More it Costs

While the exact timing of the current fall in prices may have come as a surprise...the phenomenon itself is quite comprehensible when one recognises the intimate connection between energy...and economics.

Peak Oil Review - Mar 2

A weekly roundup of peak oil news, including: -Oil and the global economy -The Middle East and North Africa -China -Russia/Ukraine -Quote of the Week -The Briefs

Peak Oil Notes - Feb 19

 A midweek update. For nearly three weeks now New York oil futures have cycled between $48 and $54 barrel, while London futures have climbed steadily reaching nearly $63 a barrel on Tuesday before falling to close at $60 on Wednesday.

Peak Oil Notes - Feb 12

 A midweek update. The oil price rebound which began in late January continued through Monday of this week.

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