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Peak Oil Ass-Backwards: Peak Oil, Meet Fractional-Reserve Banking

The convention says that the supply constraints of peak oil lead to an increase in oil prices. But when you factor in fractional-reserve banking, does this not instead imply a decrease in prices?

Peak Oil Review - Aug 31

 A weekly roundup, including: -Oil and the global economy -The Middle East and North Africa -China -Russia/Ukraine -The Briefs

Peak Oil Notes - Aug 27

A midweek update. Oil prices fell sharply on Monday in response to another sell off in China’s stock markets, trading for a while below $38 a barrel in New York; rebounded on Tuesday; and were down again on Wednesday with New York closing at $38.60 and London at $43.14.

Why the $20 Oil Predictions are Wrong

As the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) retests the $40 per barrel (bbl) mark, some pundits are again calling for WTI to fall to $15 or $20/bbl.

Peak Oil Notes - Aug 20

A midweek update. On Wednesday, oil futures suffered their biggest one-day fall in a month after the EIA stocks report showed a 2.6 million barrel increase in US crude inventories after analysts had forecast a 600,000 barrel decline.

Peak Oil Notes - Aug 13

A mid-week update. New York oil prices hit a six-year low of $42.69 on Tuesday before recovering later in the day and on Wednesday to close at $43.30.

Peak Oil Review Aug 10

 A weekly roundup, including: -Oil and the Global Economy -The Middle East and North Africa -China -Russia -The Briefs

Peak Oil Notes - July 16

A Mid-Week Update. It has been one of the more event-filled weeks in recent memory, but so far oil prices have changed little with New York futures continuing to trade between $51 and $53 a barrel and London between $57 and $59.

Peak Oil Notes - July 2

 A midweek update. Despite a rally on Tuesday, New York oil futures closed on Wednesday at $56.69 a barrel, the lowest level since mid-April.

Peak Oil Notes - June 25

A midweek update. There was little change in oil prices so far this week as New York futures continued to trade around $60 per barrel and London futures around $64.

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