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The Library of Things

The Library of Things movement is emerging in communities around the world.

Edinburgh Tool Library: Creativity, Community, and Cutting Resource Use

Running out of a Dr. Who-style police box near the city’s docks, the Edinburgh Tool Library has been going since early 2015 and now has 1,200 tools, 180 members, and is growing fast.

Sacramento’s Library of Things Shares More than Books

What if the next time you needed a sewing machine, or screen printer, or even a GoPro camera, you just went down to your public library and borrowed it?

16 Tips to Crowdfund a Tool Library In Your Town

“It's amazing to see how positively people react to the idea of a tool library, and crowdfunding provides the ideal way to get the word out and raise money to get one started. Crowdfunding provides a way for communities to gauge support, and if that support is there—which it often …

The Tool Library Movement Gains Steam

No longer just places to get a drill when you need one, tool libraries are neighborhood hubs offering classes, community building spaces, workshops and a variety of tools ranging from belt sanders to lawnmowers and more.

"To me it's almost like magic": The NE Seattle Tool Library opens for business

Here is a wonderful story from Seattle. I am indebted to Susan Gregory and Leo Brodie for their time in telling me about it. In North Ravenna, NE Seattle, a rather exciting project has emerged from Sustainable NE Seattle, the local Transition initiative. Inspired by a similar project in West …

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