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Local Economic Blueprint highlights potential of community resilience

Today sees the publication of what may well turn out to be one of the most important documents yet produced by a Transition initiative. Over the next few weeks we will be returning to it, to hear a range of perspectives on it, and hope it will generate debate and discussion. The document is the …

The unstoppable rise of the collaborative economy

My work at the REconomy Project has inspired me to believe that a credible alternative to our current system is now emerging at an incredible rate.

Communities, co-operatives, and social businesses: Towards a systemic proposal

The inability of economics to internalize social and environmental externalities makes it so that it essentially serves capital through a debt-based economic growth; thus moving away from its primary goal: the correct distribution of scarce resources in order to satisfy human needs. As a …

Real life, real incomes - creating social enterprises

Over the last few years, Transition Initiatives have been looking at how to get economically real. This is key in terms of formulating a response not only to climate change and the need to stop using oil, but equally to the financial crisis and the need to be able to articulate and show what an …

Totnes economic blueprint: The first reports are now available

Our aim was to see if we could estimate the potential value of a new kind of local economy...

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