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War on Coal being waged by Geology and Markets, Not EPA

 Even without the threat of carbon regulations, the US coal industry is already in dire straits.

Photovoltaics: new policy challenges for Europe

Using a simple cost model this article shows that PV technologies can indeed supply electricity to the grid for less than 0.10 €/kWh in large swaths of the continent...

Felicity Lawrence: How austerity's "relentless drive to deregulate" impacts the food on our plate

Felicity Lawrence is a food writer and Guardian investigative journalist. When it comes to understanding the dark side of how the food industry works, she is the place to turn...

Energy Crunch: the truth about green levies

Despite the row about green levies the bulk of household energy costs are dictated by the cost of wholesale fuel, and investments in upgrading network infrastructure.

Reducing Agriculture's High Energy Costs  

UVM Lecturer Eric Garza on the energy use--and energy production in the US food system.

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