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Scaling up Transition in Peterborough

Like many Transition, and other changemaking initiatives around the world, Transition Town Peterborough (TTP) has been giving some serious thought to how it might scale up its impacts.

The Politics of Food

Everyone needs to eat, but not everyone has access to food.

To Feed Growing Cities we Need to Stop Urban Sprawl Eating Up our Food Supply

To feed growing cities we need to stop urban sprawl eating up our food supply

Financial Future is Bright for Food Hubs, Study Says

In the new industry of food hubs, a report details the bright outlook for those involved. This is good news for farmer’s markets and food hubs across the country...

Got Food? How Local Food Systems Can Build Resilience for Turbulent Times

In these turbulent times, we need to make our food supply systems more resilient. Producing and distributing food on the local level could help us weather disruptions of all kinds.

Growing Vegetables for Sale

Is a clash of priorities between sufficiency and subsistence, on one hand, and economic growth and ‘consumerism’, on the other, implicit to the challenges of taking green and local food seriously?

Hudson Valley Harvest: Transparency is Key to Scaling Local Food

When asked what a good food system looks like, Alward says, “I think it’s one filled with information. The most effective tool is information. Let the consumers decide.” To this end, the company emphasizes transparent labeling that not only identifies both product and producer, …

Rethinking Food – Out of Our Own Backyards!

Buying local these days can be difficult, as most of the food in supermarkets travels thousands of miles.

Food Stamps Are Worth Double at These Michigan Farmers Markets—Helping Families and Local Businesses

A program that helps low-income families and local farmers.

Why We Need Local Food Systems and How to Get Them

The globalisation of food production has led to an industrial monopoly within the agricultural sector.

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