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Food Stamps Are Worth Double at These Michigan Farmers Markets—Helping Families and Local Businesses

A program that helps low-income families and local farmers.

Why We Need Local Food Systems and How to Get Them

The globalisation of food production has led to an industrial monopoly within the agricultural sector.

Land, Co-ops, Compost: A Local Food Economy Emerges in Boston's Poorest Neighborhoods

From a community land trust that preserves land for growing, to kitchens and retailers who buy and sell locally grown food, to a new waste management co-op that will return compost to the land, a crop of new businesses and nonprofits are building an integrated food economy.

New England Can Feed Itself. Here’s How.

A new vision for New England's food.

West Virginia Cattle Farmers Build the Local Food Economy They Need to Thrive

Local food is nothing new in Appalachia...but the tradition of self-sufficiency has nearly died out

Tada! 10-Day Local Food Challenge Begins

Simply put, in October you’re invited to join an experiment: can you, for just 10 days, eat only what grows within 100 miles of your home?

Towards an Energy Standard of 'Local'

In other essays I presented data showing that small-scale, local farms aren't always more energy efficient than larger-scale producers, but as far as energy used to distribute food  local farms seem to have an advantage.

The Energy Cost of Local Food

Years back a pair of planners, Branden Born and Mark Purcell, warned that there's nothing about smaller scale enterprises that make them inherently more efficient than their larger counterparts. With respect to on-farm energy intensity, they're certainly right.

The Energetics of Food Distribution

The question of whether locally distributed food requires more or less fuel in its delivery revolves around how we define local.

Local Food and the Art of Tractor Maintenance

The fact is, a local food economy requires more than just farmers and their customers: it also requires people like Morris and Fred, two of the unsung heroes of this particular local food system.

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