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Exposing the False Prophets of Social Transformation

A growing group of elite storytellers present radical solutions to global problems, but their ideas actually inhibit real change and strengthen the status quo.

Learning Beyond Growth: Deschooling as a Path to Social-Ecological Transformation

Given that the overall objective of this economic system is not the fulfilment of needs or the promotion of individual flourishing but the endless accumulation of capital, a school system that feeds this machine can neither be centred on children’s learning needs, nor on the development of …

Is another way possible? July 17

(Round-up) Urban gardening in Greece - a new form of protest / Solidarity economy takes root in Greece / Paul Mason: The end of capitalism has begun / John Holloway: Cracking capitalism

We Need New Economics for a New Era of History

We are entering a new era in which the current way we run our economy won’t work.

Taxes and Corruption

It seems that the rumbling story about HSBC’s Swiss branch has achieved what political pollsters know as “cut through” – meaning that it’s of interest to voters as well as to those reporters who are sentenced to watch Prime Minister’s Questions each week.

The Day When Change Will Come

This is the vicious circle of capitalism, which is speeding up the destruction of the commons, driven by a world economy based on consumption and growth.

Climate: The Crisis and the Movement

The attraction of profit in the short-term overwhelms longer-term considerations, even for the most “enlightened” of businesspeople.

How Liberal Democracy Promotes Inequality

...Rates of global inequality are simply unprecedented. And neoliberalism is to blame.

Naomi Klein in conversation about This Changes Everything   

 A conversation with Naomi Klein, author of This Changes Everything, and Matt Rothschild, editor of The Progressive.

Review: This Changes Everything - Capitalism vs. the Climate

Climate activists, she believes, need to take a similarly clear moral stance. And as she writes, ‘the climate movement has yet to find its full moral voice on the world stage, but it is most certainly clearing its throat’.

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