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Exit from the Megamachine

Opening a newspaper or listening to the radio news exposes us to a flood of catastrophic messages: devastating droughts, failing states, terrorist attacks, and financial crashes.

Going Beyond the "Ecological Turn"

Talk about the Anthropocene often has a tendency to rely on apolitical and colonialist assumptions. But the turn to ecology in the humanities will require acknowledging—and, more importantly, supporting—those peoples who have never turned their back on ‘ecology’ in the …

The Coddling of the Capitalist, White-Supremacist, Patriarchal American Mind

To avoid being conned, politically and intellectually, it’s important to examine how a debate is framed and what ideology is advanced by that framing.

When is Capitalism not Capitalism?

As used by right-wing apologists for “free market capitalism” (an oxymoron if ever there was one), capitalism is the source of everything good in the world — but also something that never existed.

Alternatives to Capitalism: Derek Wall’s Economics After Capitalism (2015)

As long as capitalism has existed, in whichever form, there have been a great many voices of dissent, movements and thinkers crying out and struggling against what they have seen as an unjust, exploitative and destructive system.

Decolonizing the Empire of Cotton

In his new book Empire of Cotton: A Global History, Sven Beckert reinterprets the history of global capitalism through the lens of cotton, the commodity at the center of the Industrial Revolution.

From the State Bank of Lake Park to a Critique of Capitalism

Jim Koplin, who developed the most comprehensive and consistent radical left/feminist/anti-racist/ecological politics of anyone I have ever known, talked with great affection about his time as a bank teller.

Exposing the False Prophets of Social Transformation

A growing group of elite storytellers present radical solutions to global problems, but their ideas actually inhibit real change and strengthen the status quo.

Learning Beyond Growth: Deschooling as a Path to Social-Ecological Transformation

Given that the overall objective of this economic system is not the fulfilment of needs or the promotion of individual flourishing but the endless accumulation of capital, a school system that feeds this machine can neither be centred on children’s learning needs, nor on the development of …

Is another way possible? July 17

(Round-up) Urban gardening in Greece - a new form of protest / Solidarity economy takes root in Greece / Paul Mason: The end of capitalism has begun / John Holloway: Cracking capitalism

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