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Leaving our "Extractivist" past behind is about survival

Naomi Klein: “We are told that selfishness and short-sightedness is part of human nature, which prevents us acting. This is not true and it steers us away from an analysis of our [capitalist] system. In fact, the fight for survival is human nature.”

The Privilege of Being Privileged

The Ford Foundation believes we have an obligation to strengthen capitalism. In fact we have a duty to transform it.

The Elephant in the Room is Capitalism. Maybe.

That brings me to my main point:...actually, when it comes to a lot of things – if we want to talk about ‘the elephant in the room’, it isn’t human population. It’s capitalism.

If Nature Is Sacred, Capitalism Is Wicked

The conflict between capitalism and the environment is the fight of the century.

No, Capitalism Isn’t Making Us All Richer and Richer

If you frequent mainstream right-libertarian publications on anything like a regular basis, you’ve probably seen more than one of those breathless articles about how capitalism is making the ordinary poor person richer than a medieval king.

Capitalism and (De)Growth

I think about capitalism as a moment. A blink in time.

Capitalism, The State And War: Review

There are many parallels between the period of the two world wars and the current period, Alexander Nievas excellent account of this prior period provides any insights useful to the present.

Undoing the Ideology of Growth

Degrowth aims at undoing growth.

Compost Capitalism

‘The pain we feel is capitalism dying.’ The words left an impression on me I think because they describe that strange, existential ache that we probably have all felt at some time or another, when contemplating how we should live our lives in a world that seems so tragically off track.

"The Divide" Shows Inequality on the Big Screen

Inequality represents simultaneously a cornerstone and a weak link in today's capitalism.

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