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Cooperative Movement Should Embrace Discussion of Systemic Issues

Andrew McLeod recently wrote an excellent and thoughtful response to my article (with Gar Alperovitz) on Mondragón and issues of systemic design. In an effort to continue the constructive dialogue around this important topic, I offer this rejoinder.

Cooperative Movement Should Engage Government Cautiously

Current events illustrate the potential unintended consequences of subordinating market-based cooperative organizing into economic planning...

Seven Job Creation Strategies for Shareable Cities

Sharing is also at the heart of the employment model that is designed to keep wealth and jobs in the community: cooperatives.

Welcome to Commonomics: How to Build Local Economies Strong Enough for Everyone

Farmer-philosopher Wendell Berry defines economy this way: “I mean not economics but economy, the making of the human household upon the earth; the arts of adapting kindly the many, many human households to the earth’s many eco-systems and human neighborhoods.”

Worker Ownership as inclusive capitalism

Inclusive capitalism may not sell well with professors and pundits, but it appears to have some genuine appeal at the grass roots with “Main Street” business owners and across a surprisingly wide spectrum of political opinion.

How the Power of Cooperation Transformed a Vacant Lot in South Chicago

“Communication, collaboration, cooperation—those are skills, not just words,” said Salim Al-Nurridinn, founder of the Healthcare Consortium of Illinois, while standing at the gate of the Cooperation Operation (Coop Op).

Introducing 24 Ways to Invest Locally - tips 1-4

 It's New Economy Week. Want some ideas on how to make real changes in your local economy?

Why open governance and scalable leadership matter

We must look into the creation of new management and governance models that are more horizontal, informal and cooperative.

Co-op Breweries: Craft beer in the new economy

Fermented beverages of one sort or another have played a part in every civilization. The evolution of fermentation by human hands has been a diverse one, too. From what is arguably the first fermented beverage, mead, found in ancient Greek, Egyptian and even Sumerian records, all the way to …

The unstoppable rise of the collaborative economy

My work at the REconomy Project has inspired me to believe that a credible alternative to our current system is now emerging at an incredible rate.

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