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A North Carolina Textile Co-Op Gives Immigrant Workers a Stake in the Business

By the example that Opportunity Threads sets, other working people learn new possibilities about how they might end their exploitation and rebuild their lives.

The Ecological Land Co-op

The ELC is based on the idea that smallholdings provide an ideal context for diverse, desirable low-carbon, localised lifestyles that provide satisfying employment, a reliable, home-grown food supply, and a desperately needed model for true sustainability that is in harmony with the local ecology.

Building Hope in Times of Crisis

‘There is a big need for the solidarity movement in Greece. It started in late 2011 and has nearly doubled now to around 400 groups – even more if you add the more loosely networked ones,’ Christos Giovanopoulos says.

The Expanders: Groceries and Greywater

The Worker Coop Academy was open to co-ops at all different stages of development, so some of the participants were start-ups while some have existed as cooperatives for many years.

The Cooperative Principles, The Common Good, and Solidarity

There is a special beauty and power about co-operatives—worker, consumer, and producer.

Open Co-ops

Imagine transparent, democratic and decentralised organising for everyone.

Community Energy in Ireland: Societal Aspects

What is holding Ireland back from becoming more sustainable?

How Cooperation Jackson is Transforming the Poorest State in the U.S.

A powerhouse organization promoting economic justice, Cooperation Jackson was born of a need to transform the state, in particular its capital and largest city, Jackson.

Generating and nurturing a strong co-operative culture

"Co-operative culture eats co-operative governance for breakfast"...

Seizing the Moment: Catalyzing Big Growth for Worker Co-ops

Given the current groundswell of interest in cooperatives, organizers of worker cooperatives have a window of opportunity in the United States to propel our sector to the next level.

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