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Energy prices and consumer spending

Among the disappointments in the 2015:Q1 GDP figures was weak consumption growth, which was a little surprising given the extra cash most consumers have on hand as a result of lower energy prices.

Buenos Aires: Building a People-Friendly City   

Buenos Aires is fast becoming one of the most admired cities in the world when it comes to reinventing streets and transportation.

Parking: Searching for the Good Life in the City   

For too long cities tried to make parking a core feature of the urban fabric, only to discover that yielding to parking demand tears that fabric apart.

Taking to the Streets

In the U.S. walking & biking to school is becoming extinct, get inspired by some Streetfilms to change that.

Houston Oil Spill in Bird Sanctuary a Marine-Fuel Disaster, While Sail Transport Remains Untapped

 The world appears far from getting a grip on world oil-fueled shipping. The ongoing consequences are well known, but periodic disasters get our attention.

Transport trends - headlines

•U.S. Public Transit Reports Record Ridership in 2013 •Fitch Ratings: Failure to Invest in Transit Could Hurt the Whole Economy •Copenhagen Free Bike Rental •Evolution of the Bicycle

Riding the Bike Share Boom   

Without a doubt, 2013 has been a banner year for bike-share in the United States. Major systems were implemented in New York City and Chicago, and many others debuted or expanded in other cities. In fact, Citi Bike users have biked over 10 million miles and the system is closing in on 100,000 …

Bicycle Anecdotes From Amsterdam   

 The tips and tricks of biking culture in Amsterdam.

Transport and urban design - headlines

•The secrets of the world's happiest cities •Fifteen Tons of Groceries, Sailing Down the Hudson •Flint’s Ingenious Plan to “Right-Size” Its Streets With Road Diets •Commuting’s Hidden Cost

The Black & White of Green Lanes

What forward-looking cities are learning about race, equity and building better bike lanes + 6 ways to broaden support for better bike lanes.

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