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It’s Money that is Killing the Local Economy

A recent report on local currency and local economy from Sweden, complied by Transition member Steve Hinton, sheds light on some of the pitfalls and opportunities for local community action.

Changing the rules of the game to help build new local economies

The World Bank, IMF, local and national government etc. already set the rules of the game. These rules have mostly been rigged in favour of globalised corporations.

Guilt and the sport of buying local

It’s frightening to me how quickly the places and people that I love downtown could be out of business.

Local Alternatives to Globalized Development: A View from India  

Ashish Kothari provides a sobering account of the social and environmental impacts of globalized development in India and highlights a diverse range of localist alternatives taking place in communities throughout India.

How Corporate “Free” Trade Treaties Threaten Local Communities And Economies Worldwide

In this episode host Brian Emerson interviews Helena Norberg-Hodge on how "free" trade treaties undermine local communities, economies and democracies around the world.

TPP: Poison for Community Resilience

Want to label GM foods? Sorry, that’s a barrier to trade. Want local schools to buy healthy food from local farmers? Nope, that might violate the rights of Big Ag. Want to protect a forest? Stand aside, you’re in the way of profits.

Our month about "stuff"!

For this month's theme we'll be exploring, in the run up to Christmas, our relationship with "stuff" from different angles.

Welcome to Commonomics: How to Build Local Economies Strong Enough for Everyone

Farmer-philosopher Wendell Berry defines economy this way: “I mean not economics but economy, the making of the human household upon the earth; the arts of adapting kindly the many, many human households to the earth’s many eco-systems and human neighborhoods.”

London Markets Falling Down?

The irony is that local public markets are what underlie, what grew, and what nurtured the larger global economy.

24 Ways to Invest Locally - tips 21-24

 Move your money from Wall Street to main street with these tips from Michael Shuman.

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