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Greening Philly’s vacant lots

Community access to vacant land has the potential to reduce crime rates in the US.

The Final Word on Food Banks?

Every week, in Britain and across the world, new food banks are opening their doors.

The impact we're having: Nicola Vernon of Transition Town Greyton

Our mantra is ‘Hands-on, heart engaged’. Whatever we do, it’s interactive or it just doesn’t take.

Phyles and the new communalism

An illustrated history of the biggest changes in our time: the globalization of the small and the reemergence of empowered communities.

Can Complementary Currencies Level the Gender Gap in Slums?

Resilience and ingenuity are trademarks of impoverished communities here in Kenya. When we first introduced Bangla-Pesa it had a few ups and downs, but now it is being used in ways we had never imagined.

On Transition's impact and reimagining the road to Paris 2015

What is the impact we hoped Transition would have when we first came up with the idea, what impact are we actually having, and what could we be doing differently to increase that impact?

Think Like A Commoner

A community’s identity is inevitably entangled in its geography and its buildings, its history and its leaders.

How grassroots organizing came to the rescue in West Virginia’s water crisis

While government and industry have been slow to respond to the needs of the people, some remarkable community organizing has taken place, drawing on West Virginia’s long, proud history of grassroots work for environmental and economic justice — including powerful work against the …

Local resilience and empowerment: Molly Scott-Cato on the Bristol Pound and economic change

As an environmentalist there’s an awful lot you can get involved in that’s about protesting or campaigning, but it’s quite unusual to have something you can actually do which goes right to the heart of your everyday life and which makes a huge difference.

A blow to the NIMBY rhetoric

The recent news about Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson’s participation in a lawsuit against the construction of a large water tower near his home and ranch in Texas was extraordinarily symbolic, and could help combat the rhetoric being thrown at opponents of fracking, who are often cast away …

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