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Lessons of DIY Urbanism in a Syrian Refugee Camp

Perhaps DIY refugee camps like Zaatari will eventually teach municipal governments around the world a few things about unleashing the cooperative capacities of people and making their cities more robust, productive and liveable

Milwaukee sees the light

How one rust belt city found the key to its rebirth: bringing nature and people closer together.

Breaking the Grip of the Fossil Fuel Economy: If It Can Happen in Appalachia, It Can Happen Anywhere

The people who agreed to spend their days digging coal from the underside of mountains produced enough power to industrialize the nation: They're owed something back.

Preserving the sources of life

The term “the commons” is typically defined as land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community.

Marinaleda: the village where people come before profit

In the south of Spain, the street is the collective living room.

Facing The Looming Foreclosure Crisis

As the Fed runs out of bullets, local governments are stepping in.

The Rolling Rebellion: People Declare Independence from Corporate Rule

For more than 10 years, Backbone Campaign has built, painted, sculpted, marched, organized, trained and occupied in the name of “human rights, thriving communities and ecological wellbeing.”

11 Affordable Housing Alternatives for City Dwellers

After World War II, white, middle-class Americans flocked to the suburbs from the city. Today, that trend is reversing.

Neighborhood Plazas and the Power of Play

While the need for thriving parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities in every neighborhood cannot be overstated, public plazas also play a unique role in the lives of children.

Court Rules That New York Towns Can Ban Fracking

In a precedent-setting case decided today by the New York Court of Appeals, local communities have triumphed over the fracking industry.

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