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New Report Outlines Strategies for Community Wealth Building

A new Democracy Collaborative report summarizes lessons learned from 11 case studies of organizations including the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative.

Justice isn't Inevitable: Talking Resilience with Ellen Choy

Transition is inevitable, but justice is not.

Weaving the Community Resilience and New Economy Movements in the US

One of the most exciting new economy efforts in the US is the New Economy Coalition (NEC), made up of more than one hundred organizations (including Transition US)...

Letting Transition Go Where it Wanted to Go

Working  to establish a City-to-Valley flow of Transitioners to and from the NYC Metro area and the Mid-Hudson Valley with food security and relationship building in mind.

We can’t have resilience without justice

If we are going to get real about resilience in an age of climate change and other large-scale disruptions, trust looms large.If people don’t trust the authorities, will they pay attention when it’s time to evacuate? Will people from different backgrounds and neighborhoods join hands …

Why Is There So Little Action on Climate Change?

In effect, humanity is playing a game of Russian roulette. So what’s getting in the way of taking the necessary action?

A two-century fight for the small, the local and the beautiful

Twentieth-century America witnessed the blossoming of Agrarianism as an intellectual and cultural movement.

Weathering the Storms, Planting the Seeds

Fundamentally, we have to “hospice what’s left of the system we’re leaving behind, while planting the seeds for the future we’re building.”

Should Your Town Have the Right to Ban Fracking?

If we want to secure community control, we must plant our feet...on the people’s inherent, constitutional, collective right to govern the places where they live.

As the bees go, so goes the world?

It is as simple as this - when the bees lose, we lose, and that is the road we are going down.

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