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What's Missing from Canada's Fracking Debate?

This is a long read. Because the current 'debate' leaves out so much.

Could NAFTA force the Keystone XL pipeline on the United States?

If the U.S. government fails to approve the Keystone XL pipeline soon or rejects it outright, the Canadians may challenge the delay or rejection under the provisions of NAFTA. This move opens up a politically attractive option not previously available to the Obama administration.

What Kind of Example Is Canada Setting?

Is any nation on Earth taking seriously the need for a true-cost economy, where we live sustainably in a steady state?

Canadians could free themselves from oil imports, but will they?

You are not alone if you think it's odd that Canada--the world's ninth largest exporter of crude oil and petroleum products and the main supplier of oil imports to the United States--is itself a longtime oil importer, importing more than 40 percent of its oil needs this year. That may be set to …