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Awakening to a Path Beyond the Hero’s Journey

If we want a Planetary Awakening, we need to be thinking new story forms that celebrate interdependence, cooperation, and resilience. 

Stewards of the Earth: a Role for Humankind

Pure reason doesn't tell us that we should do something to keep alive the other species sharing the earth with us.

The Ideology Problem - Thomas Patterson’s Failed Technocratic Dream for Journalism

For all the value of knowledge, it is of no use without the courage to face difficult realities.

Review of After Oil: SF Visions Of A Post-Petroleum World (short story collection edited by John Michael Greer)

'After Oil: SF Visions Of A Post-Petroleum World' is a short story collection edited by John Michael Greer.

Flight of the Butterflies

In many ways dystopias are easier to write than a realist fiction that can look at the awesome forces that are out of kilter on the earth.

Rivers and Stories

A book of river stories is, of course, an invitation to think about the relation between rivers and stories. It is also an occasion to think about the condition of the world's rivers, which we need urgently to do at this moment in the history of the human relation to the earth.

The end of a chapter

Four Christmases ago, I wrote a piece about watching my four-year-old prepare for Santa Claus at a time when the world seemed to be falling apart. Now, at the age of eight, my daughter found out the truth about Santa.

Renewables - Oct 25

*Green energy would save EU trillions by 2050 -report *Saudi Arabia Announces Plans For 100% Switch To Renewables *Back to the future of the post-carbon world

Live webchat with Kurt Cobb and Christine Patton (Peak Oil Hausfrau)

Read the transcript from our live webchat about the power of storytelling to engage people around the challenges we all face. Facing the future through fiction!