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How to Put an End to the Urban Commons and “Sharing” Once and For All

The widespread and improper use of “commons” and “sharing” by politicians and companies is leading us towards widespread disillusionment and possibly a very sad decade.

#OuiShareFest2015: Rediscovering the True Meaning of Sharing and Collaboration

The diversity of opinion at this year’s OuiShare festival could pave the way for a broader debate on the political drivers of social and environmental crises, as well as the role that sharing and collaboration can play in addressing them.

Economy: There Are Many Alternatives

The New Economy Coalition hosted their third annual conference in Boston this June with a packed house of over 650 people.

The Politics of the Sharing Economy

The “sharing economy” is just as exhilarating and vexing as the Web 2.0 meme was nine years ago.

The State of the European Sharing Movement

The sharing movement in Europe is thriving.

The New Economic Events Giving Lie to the Fiction That We Are All Selfish, Rational Materialists

Jeremy Rifkin's new book, “The Zero Marginal Cost Society,” brings welcome new attention to the commons just as it begins to explode in countless new directions.

Amanda Eaken on the Rise of Collaborative Consumption  

With the climate crisis staring us right in the face, the need to transform our daily routines has become increasingly apparent. A part of the solution may be a new twist on the very old concept of sharing things, it’s called collaborative consumption.

The unstoppable rise of the collaborative economy

My work at the REconomy Project has inspired me to believe that a credible alternative to our current system is now emerging at an incredible rate.

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