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Beyond Crisis

Community currencies created by groups in Spain in response to the economic crisis alter fundamental aspects of the economic system and favor a more just society.

How Transition Palo Alto Brings Sharing and Community to Silicon Valley

Transition Palo Alto is part of the worldwide Transition network working to build local resilience and connections. Based in Silicon Valley, the community is a great example of a growing, engaged and active Transition project.

The Commons Collaborative Economy Explodes in Barcelona

Always known as a vivid and creative city, Barcelona is taking the lead as an exemplary change agent on the European stage. Its DIY vigor and urgent form of citizen-level democracy are palpable, contagious, and best of all, effective.

Sharing Power: The Crucial Challenge for Sharing Cities

The nature of sharing in the modern world is changing.

The Promises and Perils of Global Economic Activism

The Rules is a worldwide network of activists working to transform the politico-economic structure undergirding global inequality.

Trebor Scholz's New Report on Platform Cooperativism

The backlash to the corporate “sharing economy” is gaining momentum, and one key player is the movement to develop “platform cooperativism.”

John Thackara on How To Thrive In The Next Economy

In this interview for Shareable John discusses ideas from his latest book How To Thrive In The Next Economy, which celebrates the power of small actions to transform the bigger picture.

Sacramento’s Library of Things Shares More than Books

What if the next time you needed a sewing machine, or screen printer, or even a GoPro camera, you just went down to your public library and borrowed it?

Where Next for the Sharing Economy Debate?

As social and environmental crises continue to escalate, it seems increasingly unlikely that the sharing economy will lead the way to a more sustainable future – unless it actively challenges the power structures that maintain an unjust status quo.

How to Put an End to the Urban Commons and “Sharing” Once and For All

The widespread and improper use of “commons” and “sharing” by politicians and companies is leading us towards widespread disillusionment and possibly a very sad decade.

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