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The State of the European Sharing Movement

The sharing movement in Europe is thriving.

Pop-up Stores Build Local Economies Through Sharing

The idea behind pop-ups is to allow new businesses to test their products without having to invest in expensive long-term leases and infrastructure.

The Tale of Two Sharing Cities: Part One

As the old saying goes, “God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.” While the European masses were serfs in the feudal system, land ownership was relatively common in the low countries. That’s because much of the land was drained of the sea by ordinary …

Skillsharing: What's is all about?

A skillshare is the quintessential Sharing Economy creation.

LA Time Banks Create Small Business Loan Fund

The ASECO Community Revolving Loan Fund (CRLF) is the first ever small business micro-loan program funded by, managed, and benefiting a time bank.

The Metropolitan Revolution: Cities on the Rise out of Necessity

In the face of “federal gridlock, economic stagnation and fiscal turmoil,” cities and metropolitan areas across the country are tackling the pressing problems that Washington won’t, says Jennifer Bradley, a fellow at the Brookings Institute Metropolitan Policy Program.

How to Integrate Gift Circles into Any Community

The Gift Circle, as founded by Alpha Lo and spread by Charles Eisenstein, is a group facilitation format that holds great possibility as a way to match resources with needs, create community and inspire gratitude and generosity.

Introducing Streetbank: a new tool for rethinking resources

Streetbank, as its founders put it, "puts you in touch with your community, bringing neighbourboods closer and making the world a bit nicer".

Swapping Fashion Week for Style

While the runways of the world's top fashion cities shine with glamour of the latest trends, Peers members are coming together in their homes for clothing swaps that demonstrate a different trend in action - the sharing economy.

How to Kickstart your Local Sharing Movement with a ShareFest

In the spirit of the #SharingSpring, Sharing Cities Network and Get2Gether communities (with the Center For A New American Dream) are hosting local ShareFests in cities around the world. Focused on the transformational experience of sharing, these events will be co-created by sharing …

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