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BikeSurf: Open Source Bikesharing Powered by Community

BikeSurf, a donation-based bikesharing program built on “karma, trust, and community,” fosters communication, encourages shared resources, and builds community.

Start Sharing: Interview with 'Legal Rebel' Janelle Orsi

In this episode of The Good Stuff, Annie sits down with sharing champion and legal rebel Janelle Orsi.

Working for a Shareable Future

This interview with Mira Luna of Shareable offers important lessons from connecting and scaling up the sharing economy movement.

What does the “American Dream” mean today?

How—and how successfully—are Americans achieving this dream? How has the concept of the “American Dream” shifted over the past 10 years?

Who's Responsible for the 'Moral Compass' of the New Economy?

What really defines the boundaries of the new economy, when the same voices are silenced both here and within capitalism?

Global economic sharing: the most important debate of our time?

The implications of moving towards a global sharing economy are immense, but there are many reasons to embrace this simple concept

Economy: There Are Many Alternatives

The New Economy Coalition hosted their third annual conference in Boston this June with a packed house of over 650 people.

Global justice, sustainability and the sharing economy

With public interest in the sharing economy on the rise, a polarisation of views on its potential benefits and drawbacks is fast becoming apparent.

A new wave of economic innovation in Seoul

Mayor Park is leading a wave of social innovation in Seoul and opening a new chapter in the city's history.

The Sharing Economy and Disaster Capitalism

Don’t you love it when the same publication carries conflicting reports about the economy, posted on the very same day?

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