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New Zine Highlights the Solidarity Economy in St. Louis

It's hard to convey what the sharing movement is about without describing how it looks in practice.

Lessons on Creating an Equitable and Sustainable Economy

The economy can often feel like it’s out of our control — a system that abides by its own forces that we have no power to influence.

Coworking, Cooperating, and Coming Together: The “New Better Off” Life Looks Pretty Darn Good

The American Dream of our parents’ generation left us broke, unhappy, and bereft of planetary resources. What’s so inspiring is that the new “better off” is cheaper, lighter on the planet, and a whole lot more fun.

The Future of Work

Most of us are so busy playing this game, we hardly realise that we must step away to play a different game altogether.

The Case for “Disruptive Normality”

How should we prevent the social potential of sharing practices from being neutralized by the power of the neoliberal ideas and economy?

The Big Potential of Little Free Libraries

A free community book exchange launches the Little Free Library movement—with 40,000 locations in 70 countries worldwide.

How Freelancers Are Reinventing Work Through New Collective Enterprises

Like an extended smashing of atoms, the 9-to-5 job market has shattered and splintered over the past 25 years in ways that have both liberated and trapped millions of workers.

Capitalism Killing You? Income Sharing Could Save our Lives

Economic insecurity is the American nightmare.

Introducing Open 2017 – what are platform co-ops?

Platform co-ops, and the burgeoning movement behind them, are big news.

For Economic Justice, Is it Time for Time Exchange?

Our Village Life’s exchange system lets people purchase and trade goods and services for time as well as money.

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