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Winds of Urban Change

To some, these emerging markets or behaviours may seem trivial or non-significant. But when viewed ten years from now, they will be recognized as having chipped away at the military-industrial complex.

Cooperatives and the Next Clothing Industry

Last October, the Sustainable Economies Law Center (the SELC) created an event to discuss the opportunities that our local clothing economy can create...

Design for a Shared Future

Sharing with others is one of the positive stories to tell in the face of a harsh future, but how we tell that story is paramount.

The Promise of "Open Co-operativism"

Is it possible to imagine a new sort of synthesis or synergy between the emerging peer production and commons movement on the one hand, and growing, innovative elements of the co-operative and solidarity economy movements on the other?

A basic dictionary of the sharing economy

Sharing is more than a trend: it can be a business model, a city model or a lifestyle. To distinguish these three dimensions and their manifestations, it’s important to understand the culture born of the crisis and its limits.

An Insider's Guide to Sharing City Detroit

Unbeknownst to most who have yet to venture through my beloved city, Detroit is a sharing city.

Cuba is Using Cooperatives to Decentralize its Economy

With the recent announcement that the US will normalize relations with Cuba, change is in the air for the island country. Just a few years before this, Cuba began shifting its economy from state-controlled enterprises to citizen-controlled cooperatives.

Ten Steps to Running an Offers and Needs Market

That’s the irony of the modern market – it can deliver a spare vehicle part from across the world, but a neighbour might not know that the mechanic with the skills to fix the vehicle lives two doors down.

Why Cities Can (and Should) Lead the Sustainable Consumption Movement

Cities may be our best hope for making meaningful progress in the area of sustainability.

Owning is the New Sharing

People are tired of seeing their communities treated like commodities, and they're looking for ways to build platforms of their own.

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