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Imagining the (R)Urban Commons in 2040

Commoning is beyond the just "being together". In fact, it may be the only way in which we can systemically confront the dysfunctions and corruptions of the market/state system that now govern us.

How Platform Coops Can Beat Death Stars Like Uber to Create a Real Sharing Economy

We have an epic choice before us between platform coops and Death Star platforms, and the time to decide is now.

Ten Commandments of Peer Production and Commons Economics

What the world and humanity, and all those beings that are affected by our activities require is a mode of production, and relations of production, that are “free, fair and sustainable” at the same time.

The Sharing Economy is Booming in Helsinki: Here's Why

Helsinki is, in many respects, a sharer's paradise.

Ex-cons at LA Kitchen Feed the Hungry with Food Waste

“Neither food nor people should ever go to waste.”

Skoros, the ‘Give What You Can, Take What You Need’ Store in Exarchia, Athens

This is a collaborative ethnographic film about Skoros, an anti-consumerist collective in Exarcheia, Athens, that run a space where people could come and give, take, or give and take goods and services without any norms of reciprocity.

Austerity and Degrowth – Dealing with the Economic Crisis and the Ecological Crisis Together

It seems like a tough one to argue for degrowth in the context of the Greek crisis and as an alternative to austerity – but then all the more reason to try.

“Something’s Happening Here… What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear…”

“For What’s It’s Worth,” the 1967 Buffalo Springfield song as lyrical, close-up, socio-economic observation, still resonates.

Waste Less, Share More

Food waste is big news at the moment, as well it should be. According to a recent World Resources Institute report, approximately a third of all food produced for human consumption never gets eaten.

The Death of the Labor Market

Over the past 20 years, the existence of common spaces, places of social debate and pretty much everything involving citizenship has been erased in a conscious and ideologically-directed manner.

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