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Debt: Eight Reasons This Time is Different

Academic researchers Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff have become famous for their book This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly and their earlier paper This Time is Different: A Panoramic View of Eight Centuries of Financial Crises. Their point, of course, is that the same …

Why Standard Economic Models Don't Work--Our Economy is a Network

With diminishing returns, the economy is, in effect, becoming less and less efficient, instead of becoming more and more efficient.

Converging Energy Crises - And How our Current Situation Differs from the Past

At the Age of Limits Conference, I gave a talk called Converging Crises, talking about the crises facing us as we reach energy limits. In this post, I discuss some highlights from a fairly long talk.

The Connection Between Oil Prices, Debt Levels, and Interest Rates

If oil is “just another commodity,” then there shouldn’t be any connection between oil prices, debt levels, interest rates, and total rates of return. But there clearly is a connection.

How do ex-Saudi Aramco geologist Dr Husseini's oil price spike predictions of USD 140 by 2016-17 stack up?

In an interview with ASPO USA in January 2014 Ex-Saudi Aramco geologist Dr. Sadad-Al-Husseini predicted oil price spikes of $140 by 2016/17. This post shows some graphs explaining why this could happen.

Peak oil review - Feb 10

 A weekly review, including: Oil and the global economy, The Middle East and North Africa, Quotes of the Week, and the Briefs

Peak oil notes - Oct 31

The prices of New York oil futures and those in London spread further apart this week as the EIA reported another large increase in US crude stocks, and Libya announced that its oil production was down to 250,000 b/d.

Peak oil notes - Oct 17

A midweek update. With the US shutdown/default crises overshadowing other issues, NY oil traded between $101 and $103 this week as prospects for a resolution to the standoff in Washington went up and down.

Peak oil review - Oct 14

A weekly roundup, including: -Oil and the global economy -The Middle East and North Africa -China -Quote of the Week -The Briefs

Peak oil notes - Sept 19

A mid-week update. After falling on Monday and Tuesday in the wake of the Syrian poison gas agreement, oil futures rebounded sharply on Wednesday after the Federal Reserved announced it will continue the current pace of bond buying and US crude stocks dropped by more than expected.

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