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Peak Oil Notes - Nov 19

 A midweek update.Oil futures fell as low as $39.91 a barrel in New York on Wednesday before rebounding to close at $40.75.

Peak Oil Notes - Oct 28

A mid-week update. After two weeks of steadily falling oil prices, the markets rebounded on Wednesday, closing up 6.3 percent in New York at $45.94 and 4.8 percent in London at $49.05.

Is it the Beginning of the End for the Alberta Oilsands?

A new report from Oil Change International challenges industry’s common assumption that the continued production of oilsands crude is inevitable.

Peak Oil Review - Oct 12

 A weekly update of peak oil news, including: Quote of the Week, Oil and the Global Economy, The Middle East and North Africa, China, Russia/Ukraine, the Briefs

Supply, Demand, and the Price of Oil

Could the price of oil be a value such that the current quantity produced exceeds the current quantity consumed?

How Fracking Changed the Economics of Oil Production Around the World

US shale oil is unusual, in being privately owned: most of the world’s oil reserves (over 70 percent) are in state hands.

Peak Oil Notes - Sep 2

The last ten days have been among the most volatile for the oil markets since Iraq invaded Kuwait 25 years ago.

The Peak Oil Crisis: A $4 Trillion Hole

If prices stay low for the next three years, the global oil industry and the countries it finances will be out $4.4 trillion in revenues.

What is the price of oil telling us?

Market fundamentalists tell us that prices convey information. Yet, while our barbers and hairdressers might be able to give us an extended account of why their prices have changed in the last few years, commodities such as oil--which reached a six-year low last week--stand mute. To fill that …

Global Oil Supply More Fragile Than You Think

2014 was one of the worst in over six decades for major new oil discoveries, even though oil prices were high for most of the year.

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